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  1. i have used aquaphor before (tip- if you like it, look for a travel size that will work perfectly in place of a lip balm) and it does work pretty well... for me, everything seems to work ok, and then i have to move onto something else because my lips become dry again. i also want to find a day time lip balm that has sunscreen, because tons of people get cancer on their lips!!
  2. I am in search of the perfect lip balm. I have used so many and still I suffer every day from chapped lips! Can anyone reccommend some good lip products?
  3. I am not sure if I am posting this correctly- I'm just trying to create a log so I can keep track of my progress. Part of the hard part of dealing with acne is knowing that you have to wait to see results, and often your skin gets worse before it gets better! I think writing about my progress and reading about others who suffer from acne will help me to take it one day at a time. I have been trying to get on accurtane for 3 years now! (and I have been suffering from acne since I was 13, and
  4. Tara- I am on the exact same regimine as you! I have just started taking Septra and am trying Tazorac again, and I'm on a generic brand of ortho. Is it working for you?
  5. 1. Did it help? or make it worse? It will worsen as your hormones change, but after a few weeks or a month your skin will begin to clear up. 2. How long did it take (if it helped) I have taken it on anf off for 3 years (It's best for your body and scne to stay with it.) 3. What kind of acne did you have? I have severe cystic acne 4. What were your periods like before taking this? (irregular ) for example. Taking birth control will make your periods more regular. *Ortho will only cl