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  1. You guys are nuts. You CAN drink to much water, and it will kill you. My dad, who is a doctor, has patients that have died from drinking to much water, (gallons +). What happens, is the salt levels in your body are dilluted by the water, and not enough salt = dangerious. Drink alot of water, but dont drink an insane amount.
  2. if u can rise above what society thinks, imagine what kind of person u would be? to not worry what others think, to have confidence and be able to meet somone who loves u, for who u are..to be strong and compassionate. almost superhuman, even with acne and scarring..maybe u would have a real existence and be more well off then those who had "normal" skin. maybe th efact u isolated yourself and was so negative for so long, 1 day u realised it's who u are that counts..maybe then u open up doors t
  3. It has everything to do with karma--and fate as well. Sadness and depression is deffinently part of it and in the beginning, learning about yourself is to suffer, but after a while, you end up alot happier than the others, and your happiness is not transitory. Always listen to your dreams and what you are saying to yourself in your inner most parts. Be true to yourself.
  4. Hey, I was philosophizing this evening and I came up with some interesting ideas. Maybe acne is just a manifestation (or metaphor) for self-loathing--Perhaps acne is not the problem it all. Consider this: If you were a person, who was completely secure in your ideas and in your beliefs, and completely certain of yourself, would having acne bother you? Probally not. In the book I am reading (demian), the author talks about how a certain species of male butterfly can communicate with the female
  5. There is a whole philosophy relating to what your saying. Is everyone besides me just a shadow of my existance? A hillucination of the brain? if so what matters? is anything important? Picture a an old man with his grandson making a sandcastle. The grandson will be sad and cry when the water sweeps away the sandcastle, but the grandfather will not, because he knows its relitevly unimportant and it will be swept away eventually, he's just there for the process of making it and enjoying it, not
  6. Am I the only one out there that: Looks in the mirror, quitely leaves the bathroom, closes the door, and punches the shit out of the door as hard as I can until my fists are fucking bleading? Anyone?
  7. I Have been taking Vitamin b5 and A together for about 10 days. I have been taking a reletively safe dose of Vit A (as it is toxic) ... about 20,000 UI. B5 i have been taking 5 grams a day (approximently). I have mild/moderate acne, nothing that has bugged me that bad in the past, but i deciced to take these two vitamins, and 10 days into the treatment I break out horrbiley. Cysts, everything. I am now disfigured by acne, I just crossed the treshold from hardly anything to severe. I am seriousl
  8. The pores adjacent to my nose are huge! I could fucking count each pore easily, any way to shrink pores? I don't know how my pores got so big...jesus... I need some ideas, thanks for your time.
  9. Interesting link about acne i came across, vitamins, foods and such. http://acne123.blogspot.com/
  10. What is more effective for acne, 10g B5 every day, or 20 UI vit a. Please post your experiences uses these two vitamins, how effective they were, and the levels of toxicity ect. Thank you for your time.
  11. My dad is a psychiatrist so I am skeptical. Hypnosis works with stuff like warts, stuff your body can control. But acne is hadcore bacteria, so the only way Hypnosisi MIGHT work is if someone could put you in a trance and somehow influence sebum production in your body, thus causing less acne.
  12. Where is bacteriophage found besides in the ocean. I hear thats its a virus that kills acne bacteria
  13. So... Does the urine work? Keep us posted... If i hear it works I'll take showers in the sewer from now on