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  1. I used to have acne all over my face. Cysts. After going on accutane it went away. a year later started breaking up little by little on my face. now the face is ok (knock on wood) but i have alot of blackheads on my nose and forehead. and most my breakouts are on the forehead. i used C&C blackhead scrub, it didnt help. made it worse. as soon as i stopped doing that, my acne cleared away. although, i got new breakouts now and still have the blackheads. id like a solution for it. ps: it
  2. I saw this Juicer for 150$$$ Just not on some site. Damn, Im not near to be broke, but this is damn expensive for a college student.
  3. Oh an Aurelia, dont worry about the pictures. Its a zoom of a digi cam, most of the things we see in the pics, our eye cant really catch it in real life.
  4. I never used this. But this may help you: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev.../DDF/Cleansers/
  5. I just got off the phone with my mom, she lives in France. But anywyas, she gave me some beauty tips (even though im a guy She said that Calendula masks or cream are good to kill bacteria. Anyone?
  6. I went to Hawaii few months back on a cruise, my da consisted of heavy drinking, burgers in 4am in the morning, more drinking and alot of great deserts. I slept about 8-10 hours a day, spend most of it out at the pool, or walking around the deck. Then we arrived to Hawaii, spend some time at the beach, walking around getting a tan. I had no acne 0% I got a pool in the back yard and the sun is getting out since I live in Texas, so Im gonna spend my weekends chillin outside now. ps: I ac
  7. In israely guys wear tight shirts to clubs. chicks love it.
  8. can I just buy a bunch of lemons, cut the peel off it and throw them into a blender and wallah! ?
  9. So do I just need to squeeze a lemon or how do i do it?
  10. Haha. My diet sucked lately. I cant cook so I end up buying junk food every day or every other day. No, I never heard anything about manuka honey
  11. Noooooooo! JC, I told you before mate, you probably forgot. I think I maybe sensitive to SA. It breaks me out more whenver I use it.
  12. Its like, whenever I think about adding something new to my face to help me fight acne, I start to feel more and more metro haha. Men arent supposed to put all this shit on their face, but I gota make my skin better. : anyone else feel girly with buying facial cleansere, rice powders, moisutirzers?