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  1. hey Mark, I think what janiet said was right but in the meantime just be as gentle with your skin as possible. I went through a phase of using all the clearasil products and it ended up making my skin a million times worse! Id reccomend you try the regime, I used to have severe acne on my face/shoulders/back but the BP completely cleared it up in a few months. If that fails then go for accutane, it works miracles but there are some nasty side effects. Try not to worry too much, it'll go away
  2. to be honest i wouldnt bother with panoxyl, just use the eucerin moisturiser untill you get Dans BP. PanOxyl is horrendously over drying and I know from experience that if you use it and swim regularly it's gonna do more harm to your face than good.
  3. lol exactly the same thing happened to me a few days ago! I think it was coz i was scratching my ear quite a bit :S
  4. personally i think getting an anonomous letter would make me really paranoid. There's a girl who lives on my floor (in uni) with acne and I'd like to tell her about the regime too. I've seen tetralycil antibiotics in her cupboard but I've been on them and think they're useless. Think when im alone with her in the kitchen at night i'll just casually mention that I've gotta go put on this BP stuff I got from acne.org but it's totally worth it coz I used to have really bad acne and it's cleared i
  5. I find the same thing, in my case I think it's due to the cold, dry weather in the winter. As soon as I step outside I can feel my skin drying up and we all know dryness leads to acne. I've resorted to using moisturiser 3 or 4 times a day but it isn't ideal. It could also be that in the winter your skin isn't getting enough vit D, thus worsening its condition.
  6. Id strongly reccomend you try dans BP,I used to get very dry panoxyl 2.5%. Since ive switched my face is nowhere near as dry. Also make sure you're using a good moisturiser like eucerin. It's expensive but definately worth it
  7. I guess the majority of people here don't care too much about how close the shave is, so long as it doesn't cause irritation = acne I know I'm happy.
  8. randomly I've been getting small pimples on my temples as well but I think it's just coz i haven't been putting any bp there. I'm sure if you keep strictly to the regime they'll go away soon enough. as the others said, let us know what products ur using etc
  9. I was just looking on the side of my tube of eucerin dry skin relief (uk version) and I noticed there is lactic acid in it - isnt that an AHA? I know it isnt as strong as glcolic acid but it would probably still cause irritation in the beginning so probably best to wait a few weeks to use it even though it's the UK version.
  10. Raven25

    Panoxyl BP regime

    My personal log of fighting this evil acne
  11. as far as i know he shaves in the shower so I'm thinking the video would have to come with an age restriction
  12. I started off on the regime using PanOxyl aquagel 2.5% and carried on using it until about a month ago (its been 5-6 months in total). It did manage to clear up my face quite considerably but no matter what it made my face dry and a bit irritated, I assumed this was just the normal reaction to BP. I used to think there was nothing wrong with it. Last month I started using Dans BP and to my amazement my face was 10 times less dry even though i was using at least twice as much. My skins been looki
  13. Lol lucky you, do you think it'll last? My last tube has just run out and who knows when the post men will actually get around to delivering the next one, im thinking of going without it but a bit worried about the consequences if it doesnt work :think:
  14. Thanks damien I'll give that a go. Have to look in boots since I can't order anything online because the stupid postal men are on strike and no deliveries are coming through at all : (
  15. Thanks for the links I had a look at the neutrogena stuff today in the shops but I can't find anywhere on the packaging that says it has AHA, alpha hydroxy or anything like that. It seems a bit of a rip off for a 30ml tube. The botanics stuff sounds like good value for money but again it doesn't specifically (on the website at least) say there's aha in it, are you sure there is?