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  1. Ive been trying copper peptides recently. Has anyone had any success with copper peptides?
  2. Hey all, From a distance these scars look like deep forehead wrinkles, it's weird. What type of scaring do i have and what would be the best treatments for these scars?
  3. im gonna keep on using the cream untill it runs out. Im getting initial breakouts too. Ive had 3 treatments and have not seen much improvement.
  4. i hope i am too, she said she put me on the list during the ipl treatment. I really need this treatment. EDIT: if you dont make the list do you think they will bother telling you?
  5. thx dan, you and your site are a great help. keep it up.
  6. ive been on The Regimen for the past 8 weeks and its so slow. Its got rid of a lot of active acne but its not at all stopping it from appearing. My face looks fucking cut up, its not funny anymore, ive got cysts and scars every where. I dont want to go on antibiotics but i think ive got no choice because my backne is really pissing me off too. end of sulk
  7. well it depends how servere the scars are... I hate acne with a passion but severe scarring has gotta be worse than any acne, because scarring is permanent and acne tends not to be. Scarring is hard to treat when its severe and is more expensive than most acne treatments.
  8. I bought this the other day and im not sure if its any good, maybe a bit greasy. Has anyone here tried this?
  9. You came on here offering service through private chat for a lot of money, 1stly that sounds dodgy, no one knows you, so know one trusts you or your products.
  10. its rubbish because YOU posted it. What do you expect with your rep.
  11. i find these topics around a lot. Who knows if it really effects acne, i heard smoking is bad for the skin yet hemp has many beneficial medical properties.