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  1. Yeah I agree with the person above. People used to say "Why dont you just wash your face?" Fucking retarded shits.
  2. THATS WHAT I WAS THINING TOO...and maybe the ugly people looking at you like you too
  3. Wow thanks... but im sure she didnt like me. You shouldve seen her bitchy face. She looked ready to puke, and I wanted to puke at her too!
  4. 14, a year younger than me. I know I felt like crying and in fact I did runaway for that class!
  5. I was just in PE class, then out of nowhere this girls says "you have alot of pimples." I didnt want to make a big deal so i just said 'yeah" then she said "Do you like having it?" WTF????????? IS SHE RETARDED????????????? OMFG???!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!???????! Its so hurtful, why on earth would I LIKE IT? Shes just being a bitch And this sort of thing happens alot. ALOT. Especially people stare at me, and often its an UGLY person with clear skin! Conceited shit
  6. Highschool sucks. Hasnt that stuff happened to me. Oh man, I was so skinny I got picked on like crazy. Kids are mean! Doing that makes them feel good, i cant imagine why but It does
  7. This is the wierdest stuff I ever read... Well I dont care but something unique
  8. Nice attitude, smart, funny, all of the internal stuff. And physically, eyes are important but not much else. Im not shallow.
  9. At the risk of sounding concieted, im a fairly good looking fellow too. And sometimes I cry when I look at myself in special lighting that shows me with nice skin, and think "Thats never what other people will see." And on top of that im smart, fun, and nice but people just assume im a monster because of my skin.
  10. Millions of times. Im a fucking ugly ass piece of shit but I dont know why... Im just drawn to the mirror.