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  1. today. I'll try and post some pictures when the dressing is off but I'm hoping it helps! If it does, I will receive the full treatment on November 10th on the NHS
  2. It doesn't matter how many different places they're at mate. They do private clinics but do NHS clinics as they get a pension etc!
  3. yeah and I've tried my content and they've gone completely. They wouldn't have been moved after all that time anyway
  4. I got a tattoo whilst on Roaccutane and it is fine!
  5. I had a topic that had pictures of my acne scarring and lots of replies. They were 2 years old and suddenly disappeared recently for no reason
  6. Have some of topics disappeared? They were helpful (with pics) and were posted 2 years ago with lots of replies but they've now disappeared?!
  7. It's also difficult to tell how bad my scarring is as my friends tell me it's not bad and no one used to say anything about my acne even though that was really bad at one point and people obviously thought bad things buy didn't say anything. It could be the same with my scarring. I am 6"5 so probably intimidate people haha. Sometimes I'd just like to know the truth!
  8. I can relate to most of them but definitely not number 10. I have acne scars (bad acne previously) but I have a lot of friends who accept me for who I am. I will never let this disease stop me living my life. I hate my skin and I constantly check it even when I'm out but I know I can't change it so get on with it
  9. I once had a child ask what had happened to my face On the topic of scarring... No one has ever said anything derogatory on purpose. My friends who know me but didn't know me when I had acne and I've told them what my scarring is from have said "oh is that what all that is?" or my other friend has said "Do you know X he has pitty skin like yours and he was considering laser" They're not meaning to be offensive but it hurts all the dame
  10. It depends where you. I was told it was not available under any circumstances at one hospital and offered it pretty much straight away at another. Ridiculous comment.
  11. I have also been to the derm today and he is going to do a patch test soon. I then have to wait 3 months before the full treatment. When is your appointment as I'd like to know how you get on healing wise
  12. Absolutely depressed with it today's to the point where I didn't go to work. I shaved with a razor as opposed to a beard trimmer yesterday for the first time in years and I remember why! My skin and pitted scarring look dreadful I don't usually get spots anymore but I have today. I can't understand why my scarring looks so much worse when I don't have stubble. Maybe I'm just kidding myself