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  1. Oh okay. Mine used to be a cluster.. sorta. But after two accutane courses, it's more mild. But still enough to bother me. I'm back to taking the turmeric pills tho. I can't stomach drinking that stuff anymore. lol
  2. Hey, how bad was your acne before, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. It's been about a week 1/2. I haven't had a HUGE pimple in a few days. I have had some extremely tiny ones and some reddish ones that are pretty flat. So so far some improvement.
  4. I just wanna say... thank god for putting it in milk cause I just CANT drink it in water.. the taste is too disgusting.
  5. Doin this right now. I was taking turmeric curcumin pills for 3 days, but I just switched to drinking actual turmeric powder yesterday. Let's see how it goes.
  6. Actually the past few days.. my bowel movements have changed. I actually had less. Sorry, TMI.. I know. Haha but you asked.
  7. Well you can buy odorless garlic pills. But they're probably not as effective as the ones with odor or eating actual garlic cloves.
  8. GoBills the type of fiber i'm taking is FiberSure powder (soluble fiber). And rakbs, I am taking 25 grams of supplemental fiber.
  9. Is it possible that you could break out from taking fiber/chromium. Because I've been taking 25 grams of fiber a day for the past 3 days or so and I have a HORRIBLE breakout.
  10. Actually, women can take it also. People recommend Chasteberry for women.. but if you google Saw Palmetto and women.. you get a lot of results. It REALLY helps women with PCOS and even stops acne in some cases.
  11. Also, this may be a stupid question.. but as far as Powder Fiber goes.. when I put that fiber in my bottle of water do I have to drink it all in a certain amount of time or is it okay if it tkaes me like 3 hours to drink the bottle of water? I mean will the fiber still be the same a few hours later...? If that makes sense.
  12. I dont' know, but I'm gonna try. I just bought some powder fiber the day before yesterday. I'm currently goign to be taking 20 grams of fiber a day. First thing in the morning I put two teaspoons of fiber in a bottle of water. (10 grams) then later on I put another 2 in a bottle of water. So I'll be getting 20 grams a day. And I'm also taking 800 mcg chormium a day.
  13. Sooo.. there's some people here who believe Insulin Resistance is a major cause of acne. I just found an article that says a High Fiber Diet can prevent insulin resistance. So I guess taking a lot of fiber and chromium might help? Heres the aritcle: Eating high-fiber foods slows digestion and helps to prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar. Efforts to prevent type 2 diabetes are especially important for people with known risk factors for developing the disease, such as those with prediabetes, ob
  14. Same here but my milk isnt vitamin D fortified and my supplement is 133 IU. Ive recently made an effort to go outside more but its very cloudy and dull. I doubt enough to get my daily vitamin D esp fully clothed so im going to try vitamin d with higher doses. Everyone here, driving by in their cars or looking out their windows, would just think I was crazy if they saw me just walking around outside. lol There's hardly even any sidewalks here and the only people outside are little children
  15. I was thinking that too. But I wasn't really sure, cause almost every site I went to recommended not to go over that amount or you'll get kidney stones or kidney failure. I'm hardly ever outside. There's never really a reason to be here. It's always get in the car, go in a building. Get in a car. Get inside your house. lol And I NEVER drink milk so.