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  1. slim 04...r u from india.... well if u r ....now that u have taken care of the body acne......do u still have scars/marks left on your body...what r u doing to fade those... i have dark skin....and my arm, back, chest, stomach is full of black and brown marks.....nothing i can do will fade those away....its very depressing....please lemme know if u have a solution... thanks...
  2. r there any good acne treatment body washes without BP....i am allergic to it bad!
  3. u might be allergic to BP....my skin gets that way everytime it gets in contact with BP.....
  4. I LOVE BP.....coz it works..... but i am allergic to it.....i get red patches and burnt skin even if i use it on a spot....and my face looks like somebody beat the crap outta me...lol....hmmmpfh... any suggestions...i have horrible back acne and even worse scarring.... HELP PLZZZZZ:(
  5. Are you using the same products as me? How's it doing now? Unfortunatly I had to stop using it for a few days due to a rash I got (allergic to nickel!), and quickly started breaking out again :doubt: BUT I'm back to doing it, so it should be mostly gone soon. wow.....good for y'all whoz been using neutrogena... now several posts have described their back acne as moderate to severe....do u all have scars on ur back from all those years of acne.....i have tried to ask this on several bo
  6. k...since nobody has anything to say....i guess acne is more important that ugly marks on the skin.....sigh!
  7. thanks...but i don't think getting tanned will improve the condition!
  8. Hi Everybody, Thank u all so much or contributing remedies for body acne. I have used some of them and have had good results. I have severe acne…I am very fair but really all u see on my back and shoulder and arms is black ‘n’ brown marks literally everywhere. The fair ‘me’ doesn’t show at all…lol I was wondering what u guys do for getting rid of these marks/scars….to make ur skin smooth and even toned…k…not even that perfectâ€Â
  9. Hey, I'm doing the normal regime on my body now, im about 3 weeks into it and the restuls on my left side of the body are perfect. though after reading through this, i ordered that 10 percent glycolic acid and this other similar BHA product which you read about here http://www.paulaschoice.com.au/shop/produc...C205&PAGETYPE=S I should be able to put on the glycolic acid, wait for it to dry then add BP. the same for the BHA. If your body dont like BP, then maybe you can use other pro
  10. the back acne regimen sounds promising...but whats the alternative to BP gel. I am asking 'coz i get a very bad reaction when ever i apply BP...in a couple of hours my face bloats up, gets red....like something bit me..... i used proactive for 3 months for my face....i no longer have facial acne. I stopped using proactive a couple of months ago...but now its seems that i can no longer use BP.....even on a little spot on my body without my face getting messed up...HELP...any effective alternativ
  11. k….i have used this vinegar remedy for a week…and no results so far….i am very dissappointed especially since everybody on this thread is experiencing awesome results…. sigh….my skin became extremely red and very itchy….
  12. walmart has nature's cure products.....just look in the cosmetic aisle