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  1. you look really cute in your avatar pic ;D

  2. Wow, you sound a lot like me but perhaps not to that extremity. I don't have any answers as I'm still trying to fix my flushing problem. I don't even know what caused it... accutane or my other topical/oral products. I wish both of us luck!
  3. I took Wynne's advice and did a Brazilian wax at home today using the Sally Hansen kit. I didn't want to pay $40+ so I bought the $10 dollar kit and it really wasn't that bad. It was a bit messy and there were places I couldn't see. It also took a couple of hours. But I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results and I didn't really feel much pain. I think I'll be doing the Brazilian wax by myself now since it'll save me a whole much. Thanks Wynne for your suggestions!
  4. I had my first Brazilian wax a little more than 2 months ago and I had my second one a month or so ago. I can tell you first-hand the difference in pain is huge. If you're thinking of doing it and it's your first time, definitely go to a professional. For my first time, I had trimmed my pubic hair beforehand and it took around 45 minutes for the lady to wax it all off. The pain was bad but definitely bearable. The results were definitely worth that 45 minutes of pain. My second time was a lot le
  5. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 30 and I love it! It looks matte on my skin and works great with my makeup. I think you're fine with this one. Paula Begoun wrote a review on it and she gave this a pretty good rating. I can't access that page anymore since she wants us to pay to read her reviews, which kinda sucks.
  6. In terms of foundation color, I don't think this topic/forum is the best place to ask for help. We can help you with the application of the foundation and maybe even the type of foundation but we are definitely not familiar with every color from EM. The picture you've provided us is also too blurry for us to tell you if that seems to be the right foundation color or not. Your best bet would be to email EM a picture of you in daylight and ask them what color would be best for you. Make sure to
  7. Hey guys! Carina mentioned something about an eye kabuki on the updates page. What in the world is an eye kabuki? And are they branching into making different eye brushes? If so, that would be awesome because I'm thinking of investing in eye brushes right now and MAC is so so expensive.
  8. Hello, I just want to give a review on EM's new brushes since I received them more than 2 weeks now. Bascially, I LOVE THEM! I've thrown away all my old EM brushes cause seriously, the shedding and the prickling just wasn't fun at all. The new EM brushes are the softest things ever!. They've shed only one or two strands (literally!) since I've got them and I use them everyday and I've washed them for about 3 times now. I would recommend these brushes to everyone! Go get the Personal Custom Kit
  9. Honestly, I don't really know. lol. My hairdresser just chooses it for me. It's a deep red though, much like a burgundy color. I think burgundy would be a good color to begin with. You really can't go wrong with this color. I switch from light reds and dark reds all the time, just for fun. But I do prefer dark reds and that's what I've been doing lately. And yes, 3 months is a good amount of time to redo coloring your hair. It's that point where you KNOW your hair needs a cut and a dye, but it
  10. If the cleanser you're using now works great for you, then continue using it. The cleanser isn't a big thing in Dan's regimen. The main thing is the benzoyl peroxide and a good moisturizer to keep the dryness away. The cleanser is only good for taking off everything before you medicate your facial skin.
  11. Hi, I have been coloring my hair for... forever now. lol I originally had black hair but now I've been consistently dyeing it red since I think that color works best for me. Q1: You should definitely do it professionally. I tried coloring on my own once and it was a disaster. My head had different splotches of colors: black, mix of black and red, and red colors. Of course it wasn't that noticeable but it was still bad. I would never color my hair by myself again. The cost isn't bad at all. I
  12. I have the tinted silk dust and the sunlight finishing powder. To be honest, I don't know what the difference is and they both work the same to me. But I think I like the sunlight finishing dust more because my skin color is more of that color. I didn't realize how dark the tinted silk dust was before I ordered it.
  13. Wait, what?! You straightened your hair for $700?
  14. Hi, I was wondering if you can take a pic with your eyes closed using In The Garden so that we can see the color. I know this is a bit too much to ask but I have the hardest time picking out eyeshadow colors. The only one I like so far from EM is Ginger Peach. Any help/suggestions would be great! Thanks!