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  1. 1 month on the regimen is today... my face had cleared up by week 2, and the last 2 weeks have only shown more and more improvement. I havent had a pimple in 3 weeks . i follow dans regimen religiously, although i know i have some refining to do. Either way i am so impressed with how well this system works. I ran out of BP gel a couple days ago and had to switch to On The Spot , but i've got 2 bottles of BP in the mail and i plan to use it for as long as need be (i hate the On The Spot by the w
  2. its kind of hidden though... i had trouble finding it till i looked by the sun tan lotion :-D... the 100% gell (which is what i'd recomend over other lotions that only add aloe as an ingrediant) isnt located in the lotion/ skincare isle. and yea, its a cheapy. i've vowed to wait until im clear to use it for any redmarks i may want to disapear though, as dr. dans orders.
  3. dans worked his tolerance up, so it may appear he is using the "starting" amount, but resta assured he uses more for the rest of his face. i believe he alludes to it in the video. there is no FULL or HALF ammount, it if like percentages. use what your face can handle at first, then up the dosage to what your face can eventually handle. some people could slap bp on thier skin with 5 fingers and a fistfull w/ no effects, while others get mild irritation by just using half a finger. the way i've
  4. i wish there was a sarcasm button on the forum... anyways... even if it was proven that masturbation causes your legs to fall off 99.9% of guys would be walking about calling each other stumpy. ive tried to stop before. it just makes you want to do it more, its a painful experience fellas. how bouts the women though? ive heard rumors that they masturbate too(although none will freely admit it in person). i wonder if when they masturbate it causes them to gain weight since thier body feels like
  5. thank god... i was dreading getting flamed for saying all that. I guess guys w/ sisters can relate w/ me. Sorry if my post seems kind of satyrical, its the only way i can deal w/ the whole femenine hygine thing. ( im nearing 21 and moved back in w/ the rents to save money for tuition... living w/ a 16 and 18 year old sister. i used to think landing on the moon was tough: this situation is damn near impossible- i share the bathroom w/ them )
  6. give it up fellas... we'll never know what ANY single woman truely wants. it is gods most cruel joke.
  7. stay true to the regimen... if you keep getting zits in the same spots quit popping them, that may be leading to the "reacurring zit" problem due to irritation. if you think about it a zit can begin 3 weeks before it reaches the surface. if you pick at a zit that has popped ( and been around 3 weeks) it wont heal for another week. that = 4 weeks which equals a normal menstural cycle, right? ok, i could get in a lot of trouble for this for reasons: #1 im a guy and #2 i dont have periods, yet...
  8. ahhh to be a freshman... heres an idea, although a little silly... use the stall... it takes 5-10 minutes for me to rub in the BP, it takes me longer to drop the kids off at the pool. you can get away w/ moisturizing when you're done im sure (be sure to wash your hands first though, if you do happen to take care of business) taking a daily dump is not uncommon, and it will save you from having to do it in front of every single person in the dorm... i lived in a fraternity house w/ a SINGLE sh
  9. sorry for the double post, i just noticed this though
  10. the majoritiy of people with acne problems are teens, young adults... this demographic is famous for thier "i know best" and "instant gratification" attitudes. I dont think there is any way to change that. i think that it will take most people a while of thier own "trial and error" while seeing no results to finally understand what they are doing wrong. The above is my exact situation... when i found the regimen i had allready been through enough crap that didnt work for me to finally try s
  11. good god i am in trouble . ummmm, so prostate cancer is bad then ?
  12. you have the right idea, but dont give up all hope. if you dont allready, try going to the gym. i love it, its a great way for me to build confidence because im changing my body and unlike fighting acne i KNOW lifting weights will work. plus babes dig guys that are in shape . and remember to try and look at yourself through others eyes as well. People that dont have acne or dont stress acne usually dont really notice it as much as you, so you're never in as deep as you think you are, dont ex
  13. BP will continue to work until you wash it off your face i believe. i think the chance of irritating the skin and causing the whitehead to get bigger or causing more breakouts outweighs the positive side of applying BP more than twice a day.
  14. ive actually been having the same problem. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=64524 i havent tried the oil absorbing sheets, mainly b/c i prefer a more direct approach (needing to wipe off access oil is not a solution to the problem, it is just a distraction from the problem) what type of BP are you using and in what amount ? i noticed after switching from clerasil ultra 10% to the BP i had ordered after finding this website i had significantly less shine. i also switched fr
  15. fruit of the earth aloe vera is what many people swear by around here, so i've seen. im trying it myself as a moisturizer, but i've heard it may cause you to break out. im only using it once per day (morning) and switching to cetaphil at night. 100% aloe vera (by FOTE) can be found near the sun screen and other products like that at your local grocer. its worth a try for only 3.50 for a hefty bottle.