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  1. i guess you are right, never thought about that ](*,) ](*,)
  2. ohhh so i guess that makeup should only be used on scars, but can it be a good idea if it is used as a SPOT cover too? O:)
  3. I think that lemon thing is a myth because im a lover of lemonade and lemon stuff since i was youger and i never seemed to noticed an improvement in my acne [-X [-X [-X
  4. omg u people must be poor to not buy Proactiv, i mean would u rather stay ugly than rather buying Proactiv??? =; =; =; no right, i mean, guys seriously, money doesn't matter when it comes to treating ur self especially to feel better among others. but expensive???? no way, i bought the Mask, the SPF15 lotion, and the Oil Control, i mean Expensive that?? no no no, well my parents don't have a bad job, i don't know about some of you, but i really urge u to try Proactiv, it really does work i gi
  5. yes i know, but that is weird, this is the first time that i hear that lemon is good for ur ACNE, i think that is a real myth. :D/
  6. are u sure u watched ur face day and night day and night? [-X [-X if you do it, then expect to see results, don't just act lazy and don't follow the rules, i don't think u have tried Proactiv because u don't sound like u have tried it, if its about the money, well money doesn't matter when you are treating your ACNE, i will spend all the money i have just to feel good with my self, but naww no offense it seems that you all don't keep up with a regular basis of Proactive, day and nignt, plus 8
  7. hey guys, all this time all of my friends and some other people have said that Pimples form because of Masturbation, i really don't know this guys, but have any of you have experienced that? well when i was younger i used to masturbate i mean alot and i don't know if its true, but i always got my ACNE worse after doing that. Do any of you guys or girls have experience that? or is that a whole myth? 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ :^o :^o :^o :^o
  8. well, im considering in using it to cover my bad spots, but not in my whole face, no no no, i just have some spots here and there but not that many, im going to put it only in my affected area but not in my whole face. no no no no :evil:/
  9. do you really think that MEN should use makeup to cover that up? 8-[ 8-[ in that case i should try using that to cover my spots. $
  10. accutane?? 8-[ 8-[ oh my god, that cream has a lot of side effects, just be careful
  11. before when i used toothpaste for an acne flare up, i would just dab a little of toothpaste on to there, and the next day my pimple was gone, but the bad thing was that it left a very deep SPOT in there. i don't recommend it to nobody, my face is clear now after 4 weeks of trying Proactiv, now im waiting for my face to clear up on its spots, i ask my self........WHY DIDN'T I USE PROACTIV EARLIER?? 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ well i just didn't believe in it, but now that im 17 i decided to try it and it did
  12. well i must tell you that the ones that get pimples in their back are less likely to get them in their face. I wish my face should have been clear and my back full of acne, thank god is clear now, but i should have prefered to get them in my back than in my face, that way i wouldn't be hiding from nobody. =D>
  13. by the way, is is true that Lemon is good for acne? if so how do u use it? do u put it in ur face? or do you drink it in a glass ? 8-[
  14. omg Proactiv is the best acne treatment right now for sure, for u people that dont' believe it, then you are all ignorant and show that u prefer to have low self esteem, in my case its different, in way to confident now, :D/ i have been with Proactive for 4 weeks and my skin has no pimples any more, just the spots, but no more ACNE ({|= ({|=
  15. hey guys, seriously u have got to try this, im going to the dermatologist right now and no im not happy my sking turned itchy and flacky and dry, i tried Proactiv 4 weeks ago and guess what?? it really does work, i feel my face smoother and my pimples are history now, im just waiting for the spots to dissapear. =;