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  1. do you guys think that you're still pretty even though you may have acne? i was just wondering if any of you are really confident and how do you do it? Post pics if you want!
  2. that is the grossest thing i have ever seen in my life. i'd rather have someone shit on me, than have to witness something like that in real life.
  3. In the past, I have covered up my acne with makeup. I was obsessed actually, but then I stopped and now I don't do it at all. My face is like 100X better. I have like 3 pimples on my face right now. I think the makeup makes things worse, even if it doesn't clog pores and stuff, it might be doing damage. Let your skin breathe. I used to think I couldn't do without it, but it's so much better. I still love my eyeliner and mascara, but I leave my face alone. What do you guys think? Anyone
  4. i dont know but putting on bp in the morning and then going to school or work is just not working for me...it makes me face all shiny...ew...i'm thinking about just doing it after coming home bc it's just so bad looking and makes the acne more red...is it just me? i tried putting on cover up over it and it doesnt work too well...what can i do? is it bad to use oil absorbing sheets a couple hrs after putting on bp?
  5. i get that too. in fact, i started using this Zoderm stuff that my doctor prescribed. it's 4.5% bp gel. i also use a 8% bp face wash before it (also prescribed - brevoxyl-8). i have the sunburn effect, but i'm kinda liking it. it's only day 2 so i know it'll get worse and i'm gonna hate it. whatever...i'm willing to try it and see what happens.
  6. I have taken two other antibiotic pills and they didn't really work. I have also used like every cream possible. Now i'm on Minocycline 100 mgs a day and Erythromycin 2% topical solution 60mL. Has anyone used these and had any luck? I have been using them for about a month and I don't see any changes. In a couple weeks I'm going back to the derm. I guess I should plead my case and ask for Accutane. I'm so in despair. I can't say my acne is really really horrific, but it's just there and