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  1. I shave between my eyebrows. I am a blond, and have done it for years without any problems. Fast and easy.
  2. I know you have done your homework Sweetjade, and there is lots of good information there. I do not have time to read your whole post however, much less all the links you provide. I think it would be helpful, like Consumer Reports does at the end of their articles, to provide your recommendations. Make it short and to the point, and tell us what exactly you want us to do. Just some basic rules. Thank you.
  3. How much B5 do you take each day for it to be effective? Do you take it all at once or in divided doses?
  4. Chris, check out this thread. Lots of good information. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...4919&highlight=
  5. Retin A Micro did nothing for my daughter, except make zits that did go away stay red forever. She was better off before she went on it. Here is an FDA warning letter I wish I had read before she started the Retin A Micro. http://www.pharmcast.com/WarningLetters/Yr...002/J&J1202.htm Hope this helps.
  6. Could you tell us a phone number for Key Pharmacy?
  7. I too am curious. I would like to know exactly what cystic acne is Anyone out there who wants to describe it?
  8. My daughter is currently taking a drug called Periostat. http://finance.lycos.com/home/news/story.a...?story=33917174 It is a low dose antibiotic that was developed for treating gum disease, but people taking the drug noticed also that their faces were clearing up. She has been taking it for a month, with not much improvement, but I think it takes longer that that to work. It is a low dose version of Doxyl, without the side effects of long term antibiotic use. When we asked her derm about i
  9. lori_lee


    Scar, surely you don't mean that. Acne is a terrible thing for a young person to have to live with, but it is not life threatening. When my daughter gets feeling sorry for herself I try to point out all the things in her life that are good. There are so many blessings that we have, and sometimes we need to focus on those things.
  10. lori_lee


    So, amarflora, how bad was your acne a year and a half ago? Mild? Severe? How long did it take until there was a good improvment so you could for sure say it works?
  11. Dan, I think you should market your own acne control system, kind of like Proactive, only more affordable and without all the hype. I know all the different products you recommend don't work for all people, so it might be difficult finding a "one size fits all" combination. Good luck with the 2.5 bp.
  12. Here's one. My son had a similar one that worked ok. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=2940562733
  13. Wow pelantire, for a fifteen year old you know a lot of stuff. I am impressed. It is so hard it the world we were born into to eat right, and still be a part of society.
  14. She started the tape thing a couple days after starting the regimen. I jjust got back from Costco where I bought a giant package of Scotch tape. She is not red and itchy like other people have complained, except for the MANY red spots that were already there from previous blemishes, aggrivated by the Retin A Micro I think.
  15. exploit2002 you must realize that your acne is not caused by anything BAD you did in your life. There and many good kids with acne, and many bad ones with clear skin. It is, as you said, the cards you were delt. My heart goes out to you though. As bad as it is to watch my daughter suffer through this, it has to be much worse for guys. My daughter can cover up with makeup, and does a good job of concealing zits, where if guys try to conceal with makeup, then they have to try to conceal the fa