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  1. So going by this we could conclude... That Azealic Acid is equally or even better than Benzoyl Peroxide in treating acne? Because while Benzoyl Peroxide did clear me 100%, it left me with a lot of red marks, and an uneven skin tone, if Azealic Acid were to clear me like Benzoyl Peroxide did, and at the same time reduce my red marks and help my skin tone, it'd be the magic topical as far as i'm concerned. Anybody?
  2. ive been off for about 3 weeks now... the oil is coming back... the acne hasnt at all the thing is though, i dont mind, Even if the acne makes a comeback and starts reappearing, i will very soon get back on antibiotics for about a month then get back onto accutane but on a long term low dose...
  3. the thing is though... does finacea or azeliac acid lose its efficiency overtime? is this the same thing as klaron... anyone please help
  4. even if i were to apply jojoba oil? thanks to all
  5. Hmmm... i see, but would just taking that 20mg per day help me avoid breaking out if i were too? thanks a lot
  6. Alright, so here's my dilemma.... I've been on accutane for 7 months exactly, now the thing is, i haven't broke out for a good 4 months.... The problem is though, that i am dry as hell, so i don't want to stop the accutane all of a sudden, because i'm scared that if i discontinue taking the accutane, and slather on the moisturizer do to my skin being very dry, i'll begin breaking out. Because before Accutane, moisturizer used to break me out but now it doesn't. Now i just wanted to know, becau
  7. I think if the acne comes back and ive completed 140 mg's of Accutane for each kilogram i weigh, it's bound to come back even if i've took 160 mg's of Accutane for each kilogram i weigh... dont you all think so?
  8. Been using jojoba oil for around 3 months now, no new breakouts, use it
  9. what was the total amount of accutane you digested during your course and your weight during the course? Thank you SO MUCH for replying!!! I believe I was on 40mg/day for 1-2 months, and then was on 40mg/day, 80mg every other day for the next 2-3 months. I'm trying to remember exactly, but I honestly can't. My weight during the course was about 100 lbs, and I am 5'3. Interesting... that should've been enough, by your weight im assuming you're a female... Maybe some sort of birth control pil