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  1. you can order it online if you'd like: Dermablend.com or Skinstore.com (which is where I order it, they ship really quickly, nice service. ) hope that helps!
  2. I have faithfully used Dermablend for about 7 years. It covers up everything and lasts ALL day long. I use the Compact Cover Creme, but not as foundation, just as a spot concealer. I apply it to the blemish(es) with the sponge very lightly and then blend, and if it hasn't covered the blemish I just repeat. In the end, no one would know there was ever a flaw on my face to begin with. And since I only use it as a spot concealer, it lasts an incredibly long time. It's amazing stuff. By the wa
  3. I agree with oursfan, I try to wait 5-15 minutes after applying my moisturizer before applying foundation/concealer. Also, I use Dermablend as a concealer. really great stuff, covers up anything! Lots of luck to you
  4. jenjen, oh my gosh, that is so me! The oily flake! I know exactly what you mean...but I have no solution for it ](*,) I've tried everything, too. I'm afraid to exfoliate because I don't want to irritate my skin. But I don't even think exfoliating will help. does your make-up end up looking caked on? because mine sure does! ugh, so annoying! [-( anyone have any solutions? [-o<
  5. I'm sorry things aren't looking well for you at the moment. What do I do when I'm down? I work out. Aerobics, even yoga. Blast some music and work up a sweat until you flop, no matter who says what to you or what is going on around you, you'll be too tired for any of it to matter! On top of the fact that's it's good for you. Do it routinely! A good work out can stimulate your mind, body, and spirits Alternatively, try keeping a journal. That always cleanses my mind nicely. Good l
  6. I'll mirror what branded just said! =D> Thanks Dan
  7. I was going to say exactly that - it looks like you have virtually no actual pimples, just red marks. Anyways, looking good and keep it up! good luck
  8. abby, you're such an inspiration to all of us on Dan's regimen! =D> congratulations!! you're gorgeous and your skin looks AMAZING!
  9. thanks Ivory! I just purchased the porcelaine primer and should be getting it soon thanks again!
  10. boy, it takes a lot of experimenting to get it just right, huh? thanks for the information, ritzvin! oh, have you tried using their porcelaine mattifying primer powder? I'm considering purchasing this, anyone have any experience with it?
  11. yipeeeeee, nevermind! lol I've joined the aromaleigh forum and I think I've found some answers.
  12. Okay, I have been at the aromaleigh site for about one full hour....and IT'S MAKING ME DIZZY! Shopping for make-up has never been so complicated!!! ARGGHH! I ordered a bazillion samples and I think I probably, maybe, possibly FINALLY know which is my shade (after endless, frustrating hours of experimenting with tons of combinations). So now that I may know my shade, I'm not sure which is better: the Pure Powder Loose Mineral Face Powder ~or~ the Pure Cover|Loose Powder Concealer and Foundat
  13. i'm totally with you, sweet illusion Thanks to this stupid make-up that I've become dependent on, people think I have flawless skin. :^o Now I'm caught in this web, and I don't know what they'd think if they saw me makeup-less.
  14. arghh, patience! ](*,) lol I've only been doing the regimen for approx. 2 weeks, and sometimes I see a difference, other days it's almost like I took two steps backwards. :-s But, I do have faith, and I'm hanging in there! It's always encouraging to hear success stories such as yours