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  1. Okies, I started Nature's Cure last night. As of right now, I have two zits. And they are huge. Regardless, it may not sound like much...and it isn't. I'm not complaining. Unfortunately, my skin is only like it is because I have been using bp [red and dry] for quite a while. Also, I'm sure that blazing hot showers at 5:30 a.m. aren't helping So this Nature's Cure log will be recording whether I get less red, because I sure won't be using 5% bp, and whether just the pills keep my acne at b
  2. Oh yeah, and keep it away from eyebrows....grrrr.........!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well, I recently got sick of paying $5 for a .75 oz tube of 2.5 BP that lasted two weeks, and I didn't want to pay S&H for the BP Gel. So I saw bp 10% [1 oz] by Equate for $1.86 @ Walmart. I figured, what the hell, I've been using BP for so long [like a year] that my skin is pretty used to it, and besides if it gets red I can always return it. So I've been using it for nearly a week, and there is no redness...and I like the cream, it's easy to spread and I don't need that much, not even a
  4. No matter how bad my acne got, I would never fucking put pee on my face. Sorry.
  5. I think you should try baby powder. It's only ingredient is talc, a mineral, so it's chemical free [and also a tiny bit of fragrance]. It would help with oily skin. Try vinegar on shoulders....I know it smells, but it worked for Mikka and I'm using it right now and it's pretty good.
  6. Well, small pimple on chest. Oh well, I'll live. Also, Baby Powder Update: Skin nice and soft. Drying out huge zit on shoulder.
  7. Day 5: Redness reduced, but acne is still there. Also I have a huge zit on my shoulder. Could possibly be because of my monthly bitch [some people call it a friend; I don't know why]. But anyway, yesterday I broke out on my chest, yeah, I know, how nice, the day before school starts, but anyway, the vinegar cleared it overnight. Woo hoo for vinegar!!!
  8. *gulps* whoops. I just ate yogurt and drank two glasses of milk. Heh. DON'T DIE SKIN! eek. That's kinda bad. I love milk. Especially chocolate.
  9. Oh yeah, I decided to add Baby Powder after I shower. I don't really know if it will help acne, but it can't hurt. It makes your skin nice and soft and reduces friction, so who knows? Maybe it will.
  10. Well, if his skin turned a corner the same day he started using vinegar -- wow, what a coincidence.
  11. Also, for those reading this, keep in mind that I'm luckier than some because I don't have scars or red marks from my bacne, as it has never been cystic or anything. It shouldn't take as long for me as it might for someone with more severe acne. So if you do have cystic acne, don't get worried if it takes longer!
  12. Yeah, I did read Mikka's thread but I'm using White Wine Vinegar instead of Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar...all vinegar is supposed to work just as well though so I'm hoping Gah...stupid school starts tomorrow, and my bacne is not gone. Well, what did I expect? Oh screw them, it's not like they all have perfect skin...So Day 4, Uh, not really that different. Maybe I should use the vinegar after I shower instead of before. I'm a genius...xP
  13. Day Three...I guess Well, I wanted to wait a little bit cuz I had a sunburn and I didn't want to make it worse. So anyway, it's not that much better. Needs more time probably. Kinda smelly...but heck if it works I don't care.
  14. Yeah, I can afford $6 a month lol, but I currently buy other facial acne treatments, that actually work pretty well - my question was, does anyone know/think that maybe the body acne treatment would also work for your face, since I cannot afford to buy what I am buying now and Nature's Cure.
  15. I think I'll try this seeing as how I have some already...white wine vinegar to be exact. Anyway, I'm keeping a log so I'll let you all know how it goes
  16. Day 1: People have been saying how well vinegar worked for them, and since it's cheap and I have some already, I'll let you know how it goes.
  17. I meant the body acne one, and yeah it is cheaper online, but then you have to pay $5.99 S&H...
  18. Well, I was reading about Nature's Cure, and I don't really need it for my face -- But, I have had bacne for a while, but not too bad so I'd just always wear my hair down. But now it's worse, and is now spreading to my chest. So I can't really afford to buy Nature's Cure and all my face stuff. But since I want the body acne kind do you guys all think that maybe it would work for my face too? It only has slightly diff. ingredients.
  19. if you can tan naturally it's probably okay but tanning beds and crap can cause cancer...
  20. Sometimes my skin gets shiny from moisturizers, not exfoliating...but I use Bare Minerals foundation to counteract it. It's a light powder, mineral based, and totally chemical free. It really smooths skin and takes away shine...it can even help acne go away faster. )