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  1. Junior

    Local Acne

    Does anyone else get Acne Around Chin,mouth area ? I think its pretty common for guys.Maybe. I do, and I wanted to know what kind of regimens or treatment are used for this?
  2. Im going to post a pic here so you guys could better see what I am trying to convey here. But It basicly are little brown spots that seems to stay after the pimple goes away. Are they permenant or temp? Is there like any away to speed up the process of clearing them up? Also I have some red spots on my cheecks that have been there for a few months. They are starting to fade though so those are ok.
  3. I have not gotten through this whole thread but I wanted to know what other moisturizers are good beside Cetaphil and Lac-Hydrin Five. I used them but they are a bit greasy and leave my face oily (oily t-zone). I dont know if this is a common thing thats suppose to happen, but is there something better? I like using Kiss My Face Peaches and Creams but it has alot of oil ingredients and I hear its Comedogenic because it contains Isopropyl Palmitate. I have tryd other main stream mousturize
  4. I AM! I bought it a long long time ago but only recently have I begun to start ussing it with the regimen. I found that It works great for me. It leaves a little bit of white residue but eventually goes away. I liked it because it actually helped keep my faces moist and not so oily for almost through out the day. Like I said I just started recently using it so Im just going have to wait and see the results.
  5. Is it normal for my skin to feel tight and dry after ussing a my Purpouse Cleanser? I have oily skin and I cant remember a time when It did not feel tight after cleansing. Is there like a gentler cleanser out there? I haven't gone out and bought different cleansers to experiment on, and the only ones I have used so far are those recommened by Dan. Im sure there is something better out there. The hunt must go on. And as soon as I put some moisturizer on my face It feels nice and smooth. We
  6. Do you guys apply it to certain areas on face one-at-a-time or does anyone apply it to the entire face at once?
  7. Its kinda late and I am a bit tired to do a search on the forum so sorry if this question has come up time and time again. But I have oily skin and I was wondering if for the people that have oily skin use different cleansers and/or moisturizer? I know it different for most people but I would like to know what those differences are.
  8. Does it matter if I use a moisturizer at night that has SPF in it also? Or are there other recommended moisturizers for the night?
  9. I see in the FAQ that it says I should also apply a moisturizer along with my regimen.My question is after I apply the BP do I next add a moisturizer to my face while the BP is still on me? Or do I wait till it soaks in so I can apply it?