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  1. Like you have to 'trick' girls into going out with you...Girls are not a different species!
  2. Am I being thick? Wot's double eyelids?
  3. Me too! It's not the kind of thing you can say to someone tho... I found out about acne.org through a book. I suppose when people are ready they'll find the help they need. Nice to see this kind of post, it gives us hope. I am on the road to being clear - I would say I'm 95% clear thanks to the regimen and hopefully in a couple of months I'll be able to do a post like this myself.
  4. Hate having to sit in front of a mirror for an hour...*cringe*
  5. One of them has to have one first, but often people don't know that they've got them and that's the problem. You can have an std without having any symptoms for years and pass it on to other people in the meantime. Rave safe kids!
  6. hi leeds fan, did you check about th vitamins with your doc? You shouldn't be taking any extra vitamin A right now since the drug is a form of vitamin A itself (apologies if you knew that already)
  7. I've seen a few people in the gallery with similar types of acne...maybe have a look in there
  8. It might not give you acne, but it could make you depressed.
  9. It depends. If you are immersing your face in hot steam you could be causing irritation/damage by scalding it or bursting capillaries. In my experience though I used to use the steam room a couple of times a week at the gym. Although I thought my skin *felt* nicer afterwards it didn't actually make any difference to how it looked. So I suppose there's no harm experimenting with it, just go careful...not too hot!
  10. You should look at Claud's log. I think she had a similar prob and managed to get it from Costco or somewhere?
  11. Can't help with the questions but good luck. Yay Leeds!
  12. Yup feel like crap on my period usually although the regimen is helping with the zits. Hey euromaxx: period, period, period, period, period. Now eff off.