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  1. That's OK! If we had the answers none of us would need to be here! I tried to increase the amount of BP but the only thing it did was make my face more oily. When I first statred on BP if my face would break out I would just increase the BP and I would notice a difference the next day but like I said no amount is working for me right now. I ordered Proactiv so I am going to try that when it comes in. I know some pople have not had results ans or liked the prosuct but I am desperate. Maybe it
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes I used BP according to the CSR and it helped me stay clear for about 8-9 months. Although my face was still very oily and it took me about 1 month to get used to it really worked well and I was so happy, until..... it gradually began to stop working for me for some reason. I was so careful too not to change any makeup or moisturizer once my face was clear and something still set it off. I just wish sometimes I was blessed with perfect skin, ya know!
  3. Well I have not posted in a while but not much has changed. My face has been on a whirlwind of breakouts since May or June and I am starting to go crazy. Nothing seems to even help. I want to go to the drem so bad but do not have insurance right now and will not be able to go until Dec. until it kicks in. About 2 weeks ago my friend went to the derm for issues with her face and he gave her some samples and a perscription for Triaz. Well she filled the perscription for her and gave me the samples
  4. I know that many pregnant women experience skin problems related to the hormone shifts. I think you should check with your DR to make sure it is not rosacea. The last trimester was when my skin was at its best but I know everyone is different. You can never be too careful when you are pregnant.
  5. Hi everyone, I have not posted under the adult board before but I guess I belong here since I will be 27 in Aug! Anyway, I need help, advice, a shoulder to cry on.... Here is the issue- I have been using BP and the regimen since Aug. 2005 and have had Ok results. I only had breakouts before my period and I could handle that considering since I was 14 I almost consistently had a blemish or 2 (or 10!) on my face at 1 time. About a month a go around the time of my period my face broke out. The al
  6. Hi guys, I NEED HELP! I have been on the regimen for 3 days now and boy has it been hell. 1st day my face felt and looked fine but on day 2 the redness, itchiness and skin colored bumps apprared ALL OVER MY FACE! When I started 3 days ago I had 2 zits on my left cheek and nothing anywhere else. I still have the 2 zits (which I am fine with) but am devistated that I have all of these tiny bumps all over my face. They are not zits, I know that much but that is as far as I can figure out. Did
  7. Hi everyone, I just started this regimen after suffering for 12 years from mild acne. The acne started when I was 14 (I am now 26). And although it has gotten better as an adult I find it very embarrassing to constantly have zits on my face. I am a nurse and get very close to patients and feel very self conscious when they look at my face. Anyway, my question is regarding the redness that may develop from the BP. How long after use does the redness usually occur? Is an immediate thing or doe