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  1. topic.... i need some good 'make up' for men to conceal my face scars... any particular brand to recommend? im an asian so my skin is not white... its brown...
  2. wish i could have clear & smooth skin like those models... btw im 19/m 62kg~140ibs, taking accutane in 2001, finish my course exactly 1 year ago leaving scars all over my face. i'm going to see a derma in a week or so to have his opinion on my acne scars. supposedly i'm not allowed to try full dermabrasion as i needed atleast 2 years after the course to have this treatment. i'm also looking for another possiblity such as less abbrasive procedures such as microdermabrasion etc etc. davi
  3. 1 year since i finished my 30-mg-a-day course... seem that i need to get back to accutane. really severe acne problem.
  4. i was on accutane & now i have a lot of those acnes on my back & chest. make me embarassed to go to public swimming pools... #
  5. nope.. not me... just had a reccurence since may. finish my 30mg a day course exactly a year ago. any1 knows how to get rid of the scarring?