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  1. Hey, Back when my acne was its worst I went on several job interviews, I was only 16.. I thought maybe acne was the reason i wasn't getting hired, but it turned out that i wasnt getting hired cuz i was only 16 with no work experience... so finally i decided to make up a fake job that i worked at in the past, i said that my friends father owned a store that i worked at for 2 years when i was 13-15, but the store went out of bsuiness and it was off the books so theres no record of it.. and i got h
  2. I think acne is hormonal thats why... I've never scene a grown man with acne in my life, but I have scene a grown woman with it.. As a teen I've scene way more males with acne than females, but for adults ive scene females with adult acne, but never a male. I've scene adult males with acne scars, but not active acne.
  3. yes it is! For me, i dunno growing up, there was alot of negativety in my household.. I was just a product of that, not saying I come from a bad family, just alot of negativity.. I wasn't happy before i had acne, was really unhappy when i had acne, and now years after acne, im still not happy.. I have a friend who has a serious illness, and is on the verge of dying, and he is happier than i am.. acne is just a temporary flaw or excuse not to be happy... you can be happy with or without acne..
  4. Reading this thread I noticed I wrote "guess acne is a big deal" Im sorry for saying it that way I didnt mean it that way, I meant to some people they can see it as a big deal you know.. It really isn't a big deal, but at times we let it become a big deal and let it bother us... I do feel bad to hear about this and how its bothering her, but the point of this story, I guess is that back then she had no idea what it was like to have acne or how it felt, I did, and I was scared to tell her at the
  5. Ok heres the story... I dated this girl 4 years ago for a few months... she was a nice looking girl, and what she didnt know about me was the year before she met me I had very bad acne and took accutane.. so when I was dating her, I had a nice complexion, looked pretty good, had a car and wasn't as shy as I was the year before.. but she used to laugh at me and make fun of me cuz I was a virgin and didnt have any girls experience (because I was so insecure because of acne for the past few years
  6. Some people just dont grow facial hair.. I have friends in their early 20's, and they can't grow any facial hair. And my older cousin who is 30 doesnt really grow much facial hair.. Facial hair is over rated trust me. dunno why but for some reason I just hate shaving!!!!! I have to shave every other day atleast, and I get real sloppy real fast when I dont shave. Its just an annoying nuissance. I gotta not only worry about getting my hair cut every other week, but I gotta shave 4-5 times a week.
  7. I wasted so much money on acne, from creams to vitamins that were supposed to help etc.. I found that NOTHING really works for acne.. there is NO CURE that you will find at any pharmacy, no miracle drug, NO REMEDY that you have over looked or stumbled upon from a website etc.. So just understand this before you start wasting money on acne products.. Perscription antibiotics and accutane from a doctor are the closest things to acne cures out there and nothing comes closer. I will say they are cl
  8. Its just tough to go on. Today I was so depressed all day, i took a sleeping pill and fell asleep a few hours in the afternoon, when my friend was over. And I woke up late in the day to begin with. Its bad, and just a shame. Ive been in and out of depression my whole life, but never like this, I just feel like quitting, theres absoultely no fight in me what so ever right now. I hate to sound stupid but its because of bad relationships that im depressed. The past 2 years of my life were tough, i
  9. I think my lifestyle is whats causing depression. Last year my life was very busy, I was always either at work or school, and when I was home I was always studying.. there were times I'd shut my phone off just to shut myself out from the outside world just so I could study.. I was never a great student for my whole life up until last yr, so everytime i'd study hard and get A after A it would really lift me up and get me going.. I work out alot, but when im depressed its just so hard to workout,
  10. you can recover from acne. Years ago I had it bad and never thought it would end, atleast not without scars. Well years later acne is gone fully with no traces of it ever exisiting. When i had acne there were no such thing as girls in my life.. After acne there were a few girls, but all ended in heart break anyway. So whats better, to get a few girls but get hurt every time (4 times for me since acne) or to just have no self esteem and not have any girls come your way? I recovered from acne, onl
  11. Enjoy your time with your girlfriend, if she is gonna leave you when times are tough (I know this is way easier said than done) then you gotta realize deep down she isn't the one. But by what you said, i really dont think she will leave you over this.
  12. Just felt like talking ranting a bit.. Lately i've been suffering from extreme anxiety and depression. I've never ever been to a doctor for this before, and never been on meds. I've delt with depression on and off before throughout my life, but this time, its just controlling my life.. Its been 5 years since I took accutane and had acne, and ive been clear since, but im just extremely depressed and im not sure the exact reason, and its just a tough situation for me. I miss the acne days . When I
  13. hey man everyone can use friends, but its also to have good grades.. what you should do is start off small, start off focusing on making acquiantances, you know people who your just friends with in school, and then from there you can start taking it to the next level and making personal friends.. You need to just say hey who cares and not worry and try your best to be more social, but take baby steps.