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  1. My new journey with accutane
  2. Con: I'm standing up in my best friends wedding and I have a huge cyst (of course) on the side of my neck. I got it injected but its the most lingering kind I develope. grrr Pros: I'm standing up in my friends wedding, travelling with my other best friend to st. louis to see it and its the only big zit I have. It's on saturday and maybe it will be less inflammed by then. I'm trim, tan, and I think I look killer in my tux. If one zit ruins the whole thing than its my fault, because everything
  3. yeah, its missing. I've looked everywhere. You try to put it in a safe place and then it's gone. They told me NOT to lose it, so of course they jinxed me. can I get a new one??
  4. And the derm was totally booked that they couldn't even fit me in for a cyst injection. now i'm screwed for the weekend. any tips? this sucks.
  5. Whereas my acne is getting soo much better, I hate when I get one or two REAL obvious spots or blotches and I work at STARBUCKS of all places. I see friends, regulars, strangers, coworkers, higher-ups from HQ (starbucks midwest regional headquarters is right by my store so we get TONS of HQ people all the time) Anyway, I get loads of FACE 2 FACE time with people, which is great when my skin is having a good day. But when its not I just want to hide behind the bar which NOT POSSIBLE especially w
  6. alas have I too, I wouldn't call it a mind thing, but a gentle difference in my body. I no longer feel it as much, the booze usually overpowers it anyway.
  7. Everytime I take the pill, for awhile afterwards I feel kinda wierd, like a 'buzz' thats not so much pleasurable but not bad either. just kinda there, anyone know what I'm talking about? b
  8. I have had over 60 cysts injections. They work wonders, and as long as your insurance covers them (mine does!!! some dont ;( ) then go for it. you will thank yourself. I had many embaressing cysts that never got injected, but if I had wouldve saved me weeks of humiliation.. do it!!
  9. oh man, I havent had any sores yet. now im gonna be all worried!!
  10. Ive been using Klaron (I formerly posted as Klarion, which is something different) lotion for a couple months now and my derm says my skin is glowing. (its newly generic too so its less expensive than the original but still like 100$ if I didn't have insurance) anyhow, I love it. Its a sulfa based product which is funny because Ive always been 'allergic' to sulfa products since i was kid. maybe I grew out of it. Anyhow, its not the only thing im using but its been an amazing addition to my regi
  11. My derm gave me some samples of something called KLARION lotion, it moisturized and healed my scars much faster than applying tazorac as a spot treatment. I use it supplementary to my tazorac and clindamycin + minocycline regimine. I swear by it now and its only been 2 months since I started using it. plus, I still have the 3 sample bottles, a little goes a long way. anyone else using it?