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  1. Jim Carrey? Brad Pitt had facial acne scars before. Now they're not obvious anymore. Jet Li has facial acne scars too, as well as Bill Murray.
  2. as you can see vanessas the only mod who frequents this site to mod, like every single day her username always appears at the bottom screen. very reliable too
  3. vanessa has acne and it bothers her, why whould she be here in acne site in the first place anyway? even though she had it mild, she still knows and understands the feelings of an acne sufferer. as still, she does a great job as a mod
  4. searchingforthesolution a very nice girl who helps alot, i recommend her to dan. always there to provide emotional help to strangers with her kind understanding words.
  5. My Controls > Edit Profile info if i leave the space blank, save it afterwards, http://www.webalta.de or whatever website link will always appear. is it possible to keep that Your website url space empty of any details?
  6. Red Butterfly erpatter Pankins Revolution Marino Trouble in no particular order
  7. If you enjoy swimming and it's your exercise, don't stop because of your body acne. People have acne on their backs too. My advice is to go swimming at night. That's if you're very conscious of people noticing the acne. Or during times when there are less people around. You will soon get used to it. Cheers.
  8. You can PM Joel about it. He can change usernames.
  9. was kidding about d marino part. lol though another helpful poster is Red Butterfly can be a great contribution to modding the boards. Revolution too i find him helpful towards others