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  1. JoJoba made stung and burnt like crazy for me, but I tried to ignore it. About 5 minutes later I had hideous hives all over the skin I applied it to then a brea out after that, maybe you are allergic? and just getting the burny irritation from it and not the hives?
  2. Oh I'm blind thanks! my batch is number 0105 then. But after just one night I cleared up a good deal like it used to before my old bottle got closer to expiring so I assume mine is ok.
  3. where are you people seeing batch numbers? i just got a brand new thing of bp in the mail today (my other stuff expired this month) but I see no lot numbers or anything on the tube.
  4. ugh i get kind of annoyed when people imply dan is trying to scam us out of money or MISLEAD. He clearly gives a crap about quality and getting people clear, if he was trying to scam hed charge a buttload more for his products and mass produce crappy stuff. Just let it go and be grateful we have the products we do.
  5. Anything new yet on this? I'm antsy for it lol I would go for the stuff that makes you feel greasy, I always do anyways
  6. I have folliculitis on my legs, I use an epilator, which is painful at first but after the first time it doesnt hurt at all...not sure if anyone has that on their face. It does leave little red dots for like an hour but they go away. I'd be afraid to do it on my face but the epilator has really helped my folliculitis on my legs, also you would probably have to shave less.
  7. I probably use half a finger full, and only once a day because my skin is sensitive but my skin is clear. I seriously forget to do it sometimes but when it acts up again, I apply more regularly and its back to normal. I really think its just his amazing formulation that makes it work, if you can still be clear with less I say do it.
  8. Thanks everyone. What kind of eye cream brand/type do you use newchance? I wish I could go to an allergy specialist, I have no insurance and zero money so it probably won't happen, I'll have to use ghetto topical cures most likely. I do have a bug bite on my ankle right now though haha and a big one on my FACE.
  9. ok ive been on the regimen for about a year now, im basically clear, and I'm actually pretty lazy with maintaining using the bp, I only do it once a day if that. I'm alway careful about not putting it near my eyes and washing my hands really well, but with in the past few months my eyes have been getting very red, swollen and flakey. My glasses get COVERED in little flakes of skin by the end of the day and they will also fall into my eyes and irritate me. My eyelids look like a 50 year old or w
  10. Fear mongering. haha. how stupid, do you know how many household products are HIGHLY FLAMMABLE? who cares. And the only risk of cancer is if you go out and sun bathe with it on all the time with no sunscreen. Seriously....dumb.
  11. Huh, so I didn't get the new batch, maybe my pores are like a vortex to everything that touches it and it absorbs before it can ball up? ha, who knows, but its not a problem for me, I even put on more to see if it would happen and it didn't.
  12. I've had this for like a week, and I have no idea what everyone is talking about with balling up...am I not putting enough on for it to ball up? I shouldn't be complaining that it isnt balling up but now I feel like I'm doing it wrong.
  13. its a blood boil. I've gotten them before I just pricked with a sterile needle and let it drain, kinda gross but it went away after that.
  14. It's really been helping my popped zits heal and flake off. I've just been applying directly on where it needs it (anything open or fresh spots that could become redmarks) with a q-tip but not alot i rub it in with my pinky. I don't think its really doing much for my already there red marks but for new stuff its working great.
  15. I did do that because one side of my face has more marks or zits most of the time. So theres really no telling, and I don't want to risk messing up the good side.