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  1. I want to switch from my 0.1% RAM to TAZ cream but don't know if it's a step down if I go with the 0.05% TAZ cream. I have been using the RAM for about two years. it keeps my acne at bay but still have several clogged pores and redness and peeling around mouth. Should I go wth 0.5% cream, 0.5% gel or the full out 0.1% taz for treatment of acne.
  2. Hi, i know Richard might be very busy. I emailed him about the cleanser breaking me out but no replies.
  3. Hi, Old Kato. I work around Inglewood, do you mind telling me where this peel salon is? Also, do they sell other products? So, are you going to do a 25% peel?
  4. Hi, I would like to thank the people in this forum, I think I have finished my 100% TCA cross. I apply the cross procedure twice on one long icepick scar and the scar is now closed but the surrounding skin where the TCA didn't come in contact with is slightly higher than the treated area. So, the icepick scar is gone but I am left with a scar like rolling scar but with rougher appearance. Should I use my remaining 100% solution and make a 25% or lower percenatage solution with distilled water
  5. i just did a TCA cross on my scar and there is a hole formed from the press toothpick. there is frosted around the hole and it is inected quite deep. I pressed hard as the instruction said. Now after 12 hours, the pressed hole is still there, is this normal? Will it scab over it?
  6. The scar tissue appears deeper than the previous icepick scar when the TCA cross scab fell off. It has been two days since the scab fell off, it looks deep, is this normal? I have been putting Neosporin on it.
  7. After TCA cross , the scab came off and now what should i put on it? Should I continously put Neosporin on it? or something other oiniment? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  8. Help help me identify what type of scar is this? Thanks in advance
  9. Help help me identify what type of scar is this? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi All, I am new to post here in this forum and I have read many post on TCA CROSS scar treatment. I apply Retin A Micro 0.1 % on my face before bed everynight to treat my acne. I was wondering if it is OK to perform a TCA cross on my icepick scars? Thanks for reading.
  11. Any good Dr. recommendation for acne scar treatment? for the light ice-pick scars. Thanks