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  1. omg, i'm about to go talk to her lol... I'll post the story in a few, im so nervous, im such a nerd lol
  2. I don't find it stalkerish, it's kinda cute in a way. We passed by each other one day by mistake because I was turning a corner and couldnt see what was ahead and as soon as we saw each other we both freaked lol. All that came out of my mouth was "hi", she replied with "hi" also but we didn't even make eye contact lol. It reminds me of all those corny romance movies I hate to watch lol.
  3. So there is this girl that lives down my block. Everytime I head off to class she looks through her windows, when I come back from school she does the same. While she is walking her dog she passes infront of my house and tries to take a peak to look inside ( I leave my front door wide open, it's a habit ). She opens her windows and just sits and stares as I look over the neighbors kids. Today I went outside to do my homework and for an hour she sat at her window looking at me as I did my homewor
  4. My acne has been improving in the last few months. I still get a pimple or two every once in awhile but that is besides the point. In reality, my skin has been looking the best I have seen it in more then 10 years of struggling with acne. Yet, I am still depressed about my skin and appearance. I am very self conscious about myself. I have come to the conclusion that acne has not only scared my skin, but my mind and self esteem as well. Will we ever truly heal from our deep scars that acne has le
  5. I too have never had a girlfriend. I am 21 going on to 22 in less then 2 months. I am also a virgin. I have kissed a girl and spend the day with her in bed playing around and such but that didn't lead to anything and we broke it off shortly after. I really don't feel I am ready to deal with a relationship at the moment since I feel very alone and enjoy the feeling somewhat. I have recently have began to break off ties with my close friends. Last time I spoke to any of them was well over 2 weeks
  6. I've been driving since I was 17. Got my car senior year of high school and I am about to get rid of it and upgrade . Hopefully if everything works out I'll get what I want. BTW I'm turning 22 in December
  7. I love it when the sun goes down. I consider myself a vampire since usually I don't leave the house if the sun is out unless I have somewhere important I have to go. Darkness = my friend
  8. Lilt22, I am going to be honest and say I did not read your post past the first few sentences. Please take your time and read my entire post, I believe you will find it quite insightful. Reason being is because I do not need to read a computer screen to understand how you feel. I have been struggling with acne since the tender age 12. I am now 21 going to to 22 very soon. It has been a decade since I first began my battle with acne. I am going to be honest and say that it has never been
  9. So I was laying on my bed watching the television when a few things crossed my mind. First off, why am I 21 years old and a virgin ? Why haven't I had a girlfriend...ever ? There must be some phycological reason for this. I have been afflicted with acne since the tender age of 12. That same year I was also tortured with braces for my teeth, all the while having to wear glasses for my eyesight. Acne, braces, glasses, I was your stereotypical nerd right up to high school. My high schoo
  10. I might as well start from the beginning. I am a college student and I had this girl for a class a few semesters ago. I never clicked with her but she is a good looking girl and cool as well. Anyways, today I had my first class for the semester and guess who walks in ? Anyways, a few months back my acne was pretty bad and I had absolutely no control over my face. She had beautiful skin the last time I saw her. Today when I saw her I was shocked on how her face looked. She is still a bea
  11. My acne has gone down almost to a halt and it is time to get rid of the years of scaring on my face. I won't say it's to bad but I have my days. Sometimes it looks as if I have had no acne ever and there are days that I am a complete wreck. What should I use to lighten my red marks and get an even skin tone. My skin is a milky white and I always get compliments on my "good days" because underneath it there IS beautiful skin, I just can't show it without your help. Any advice would be great
  12. Take a hot shower until your pores are open. Get some quality shave GEL not creme and a quality razor, I use mach 2 or something like that, which has 2 razors. Apply the gel and let it sit for a minute or two and begin to shave. I like the clean shaven look and shaving helps exfoliate believe it or not.
  13. Beautiful inside...yes. We have knowledge of what it feels like to be made fun of, to be imperfect, which makes us more forgiving of others.
  14. Hey Max. Today was tomorrow and I still feel like garbage. Guess I will just have to wait it out huh. Hope your doing better then I.