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  1. yea im on my 3rd week now, and im still getting some breakouts but ive noticed that my red marks have gona away quite a bit. im not sure if it is the BP or if they are just naturally healing and since im not getting as much breakouts as i did before its more noticable. but i have a question. is washing/applying BP 3 times a day too much? i put make up on and wen i get back from school i pretty much just stay at home so theres no need for having make up on, and i dont want to keep unneccesery thi
  2. i had kind of the same question. i wash my face and do everything when i get up for school around 6 in the morning. but when i come back from school like around 230 i want to wash my face cause ive been like sweaty and have make up on, and i dont want to clog anymore pores. but thats only like 8 hours in between and if i were to wash my face when i got home would washing it before i go to bed be too much?? my face is doing really well with the bp. i havnt experienced any kind of redness, drynes
  3. yea ive heard alot of good things about complex15. can you find it at drugstores or did u get it online??
  4. I just started the regimen and i got the Eurcerin Skin renewal spf15 lotion and after i use it my face looks kind of oily and shinny. is this normal or is just my skin?
  5. should i use a toner?? i have a eucerin skin toner, and im just wondering if i should use it while doing the regimen. and if so when should i put it on? like right after i wash my face? does toner even work?
  6. i found mine in Rite-Aid, i also live in Delaware and im not sure how many Rite-Aids there are out there. but around here Eucerin products are really common usually at any of the drugstores. but i hear that in other places theres not so much of it. i also have another question. does it make a difference whether i use bar soap or liquid soap? does one work better than the other?
  7. hi everyone i have decided to start this regimen and went out to get all the products. now i wasnt too sure on which face wash to get. i saw on dan's vids that he used some kind of bar soap? should the soap have salicylic acid? i wasnt too sure and i was at the store so i decided to buy the neutrogena transparent facial bar ( which does not have salicylic acid) and i had recently boughten a neutrogena daily scrub with salicylic acid. but i wonder if the scrub mite be to rough on my skin and ir
  8. o really. yea i suspected it would cost alot. thanks for your advice it really saved me from another disappointment. so i guess im gonna give this a try. wish me luck
  9. im new to this forum and am interested in strating this regimen but have my speculations. thought this would be the place to ask my questions. i have tried washing, using bp, and moisturizing before but it never really worked. but i also didnt use half as much bp as this regimen requires nor the products recomended. my face always got really dry and irritated whenever i used bp. some of my pimples would go away but just more would come after. it has become a vicious cycle that i cant get out of