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  1. You know what is really funny about this is that if the acne was severe in both parents and then they had kids, and the kids met other people with severe acne and had kids with them, and it just went on and on, I wonder what it would look like after 10 generations. Its possible that it would mutate itself out, genetically. Maybe not.
  2. What blows my mind is when people want to get settlements from companies that produce Accutane for things like "irritable bowl syndrome" and "depression". Especially after it got ride of thier horrendous acne.
  3. It is my fault in a way. I wouldn't have scarring right now if my dermatologist had been brutally honest in telling me what life would be like with scarring. And also if he hadn't been so overly catious about side effects of Accutane. In all honesty, I don't know who's fault it is. I can blame them for being 'politically correct' If he had said "your acne is severe, and it will lead to scarring." Then I would have taken the Accuntane. Instead he said something like "we can put you on antibio
  4. (I meant to say that I know a "Former Psychologist with a PHd in Psychology") No I was not a patient.
  5. I am not a Scientologist, but I believe that psychology is a complete joke. I know a former PHd in Psychology and he says the same thing. "Its all BS", thats what he said.
  6. Actually if you want to find a girlfriend, just do the exact opposite of what I have been doing for the past 10 years.
  7. It still blows my mind how unattractive people in general are. People with acne are no less attractive then obese people, or old people.
  8. The worst acne I have ever seen on screen was the kid from "Boy meets world" He may have had the chicken pox though. It was severe for an episode, then pretty much gone.
  9. Well if you can last a year and 9 months you must be doing something right. I applaud you.
  10. I actually majored in psychology. I thought it would be an easy way to make money.
  11. I love how you guys are constantly giving advice on 'how to get somewere in life'.
  12. And I am not even close to crossing the legal line, its simply an opinion.
  13. What I am saying is that this acne scarring has taught me that there is no right or wrong, period. If you want to deal with legal consequences that is the only thing that really means a damn thing to me.
  14. Vanilla sky was also very good in showing how people will react to you when your face is disfigured as in a car accident or acne/scarring!!! LOL acne/scarring just might as well be the end of the world for you!