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  1. I have tried about everything way to much to list. I am 19 years old. The best method I have found is to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser with a soft wash cloth at night. Thats it. I also take mino 2x a day. The key is to workout in the morning or try to sweat sometime in the day it is the best moisturizer. Just workout sweat then splash cold water and dry off. Please give this a try. Enjoy life please!
  2. I have tried numerous numerous numerous cleansers and bars. I originally lived in dry west texas and liked the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, but now in college where the weather is extremely humid I use cetaphil gentle cleansing bar and i like it.
  3. trust me keep using the differin. what cleanser are you using
  4. hey, I have been using one-a-day weight smart ( though I am in very good physical form) strictly because it has no iodine. I went through the same predic as you
  5. hey grogula I agree that the clindagel is not extremely effective but in conjunction with differin, which opens pores, it works alright. But if thats not your thing I truly highlt recommend you to use differin. It is very not irritating, hech old ladies use it to get rid of wrinkles,. I would highlly recommend the mino too, it is almost ipossible for the bacteria to gain resistance to it.
  6. I have tried alot over my 4 or so years with acne. i have been taking systemic antibiotics for the whole duration and I can tell they have always Helped ( when I dont take them my chest begins to break out a bit the topicals work keep the acne at bay on my face) minocycline is the antibiotic I was prescribed and it is by far the most effectice long term antibiotic (mino 60% reduction in pimples doryx about 40%) and bacteria never acquire resistance to the med. unlike most tetras. Differin is al
  7. what cleanser or soap did you use with the differin
  8. Personally I believe creatine doesn't cause acne. I have taken creatine for several years (on and off) whereas my twin brother (identical) hasn't. Not only am I about 6 lbs heavier than him, can bench an easy 25lbs more but he has worse acne than me. People who say C is bad are misinformed. All you need to do is drink alot of water I'm talking takin a piss every hour. If anything creatine should help rid acne. This coming from the research on Vitamin B5 where an increase in ATP allows for bette
  9. I call this a hybrid because it consists of many different regimens which I have researched on including Dan the Man's. Morning 1. apply cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to face DRY then wash off 2. wait 15 min 3. apply neutrogena 2.5 bp 4. wait 10 min then apply Eucerin renewal 5. Take 100 mg minocycline 6. take 200mg 20-hydroxyecdysone (anabolic bug hormone that stimulates metabolism, increases fast twitch muscle response, augments liver function and helps clear skin via increase fatty met
  10. This may be a stab in the dark seeing as how you didn't list the cleanser you were using, but I would recommend cetaphil. Some people don't like it but i believe they use it wrong. What you do is apply the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to your DRY face, massage gently for about 10 secs, then wash off thuroughly(sp?). It really doesn't even feel like your cleansing but it works. The first day or two your skin may feel a little oily but it will adapt and be smooth and nice. This will help the toza
  11. Dude my physician prescribes Z for like all infections (ear, stomache, blood) my gosh I didn't realize you could get it for acne. It seems everytime I take it (for sickness) my skin does get better. I only take it for 5 days. Damn that craps gotto work. I wonder if it is susceptible to resistance like some other antibiotics.
  12. How exactly do you dilute the pars gel
  13. I would recommend applying some scotch magic tape to your skin and peel it off. This helps remove the majority of the dry skin. After about 2-3 weeks on the regimen your face will quit peeling.
  14. I've been on the regimen for two weeks now and have noticed good resultls. I hit the 2 week break out thing and got dissapointed so I looked on the internet for alternatives. What I did find was amazing. My derm prescribed me differin about 2 years ago and it helped alright but differin only clears the pores out leaving them open for attackers. The Key in differin usage is to apply BP ( it goes into the pores and kills practically all bacteria) but not both at the same time, say in the morning i
  15. Hey me and my twin brother have been on the regimen for two weeks and have noticed good restults (it took two full weeks to get over the peeling and redness) anyhow, now we decided to take the differin at night ( i figure they didn't make it if it weren't good for anything) and I think it's really helping. Just remember to wash off thoroughly in the morning and apply the BP and later moisturizer (try the eucerin renewal or the eucerin daily control and care moisturizer). And we take 2, 100 mg mi