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  1. Sorry if this is depressing, but I've been on the regimen for over 3 years, I still experience considerable flaking.
  2. http://www.thinknatural.com/products/11235...ba-Oil-50ml.htm So I went ahead and bought this jojoba as a tester, and having opened the bottle I'm suprised how strongly it smells. From reading around it seems as if jojoba oil generally just has a faint odour?
  3. I have been following the regimen for a long time, over 2 years in fact. I am now 24. I suffer from mild acne. I get 1-2 pimples a week really, but I suffer a bit from red marks. Now at present, whats bothering me most is: a) the cost (I live in UK) b) the time it takes c) the staining of clothes d) the flakeyness of my skin After 2+ years the above negatives are starting to grate on me. It's been so long since I have lived without using benzoyl peroxide, I can't even be sure it's having an
  4. Hey long time regimen user here. I bought a batch of 5 large BP gels a few months ago, just opened a new one today. It's ALOT thinner. And my face has gone really red. This is not what I'm used to... I've never gotten redness like this in 2 years. Is this normal? Old batch: 9152. New batch: 7340.
  5. Hi guys, thought I'd post again by way of update. I feel as if I jumped the gun a little on this batch. The smell was indeed very strong, and I'm pretty sure I experienced a little more redness and (gentle) burning than usual at first. HOWEVER, I have continued to use it, and over the course of about a week, the smell has subsided greatly and I am no longer experiencing any adverse symptoms. For me it is now completely fine, and behaves like past batches of BP. My only theory is that, as Da
  6. Why are you sure the tablets aren't doing anything for you? On a course of tetracylines, you should expect to start to see results after about 3 months, and significant progress/clearing by about 5-6. You don't become resistant to antibiotics in 5 months, it's more generally about 1-2 years. From what you've described, its sounds to me as if the antibiotics are doing their job. Stop taking them and you risk your acne coming back even worse. If this isn't the case, then you may very well hav
  7. First off I am a long term BP Gel user - being using it since Dan first started making these products. So I recieved my BP Gel today, and the first thing I noticed was woah - this stuff smells. The smell kinda reminds me of TCP (the antiseptic). It's also way more stingy/tingly (but not unbearably so) - and seems thicker! So I ran a search on this forum and found this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/BP-Change...ml&hl=smell Pretty much everything being described there is what I'v
  8. i've tried cutting caffeine out my diet entirely, it has made no difference to my skin.
  9. Wow. Just... wow. Anyone who posts like that needs to be banished from the Internet. I find there is a time-lag effect with Benzoyl Peroxide application, i.e. failing to apply it will result in any negative implications for skin occuring after some period (approximately a week I'd wager). Intuitively this does make sense - acne infections take time to inflame from within the pores. This explains why initially there would seem to initially be no apparent problem, but it is quite possible that
  10. Hi all, Just wondering, has anyone had any experience with the Ole Henriksen skincare range? I became curious when reading his website and hearing about his impressive reputation. Cheers.
  11. Hey, I just realised I've waited too long before making my next order of BP, so I'm in need of a tube to bridge the gap I'm gonna have. I don't want to miss any days. Of course, if anyone is willing to send I will fully re-imburse plus a bit extra, via paypal if you like, or send another tube in repayment (when I recieve mine). If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.. Cheers
  12. Persistent I think, is a good word to use. I've been prescribed many things, Minocycline being the first back when I had moderate-severe acne, which cleared me to pretty much 100% clearness, basically where I desire to be now. I stopped taking it, and my acne came back again, possibly worse - I still didn't know about this site at this point, and tried to get rid of it using horrible cleansers and poorly applied BPs. It made things worse. Went back on Mino and things improved. Since then,
  13. - I rarely touch my face unless my hands are washed. - Picking I keep to a minimum but I guess I do it very occasionally. I'll ensure that I don't do that at all. - My pillowcases are in rotation... changed once every two days, flipped daily. Sheets probably a bit longer than a week though, I can't see them having a huge effect. - My diet is pretty good in general. And I do drink a fairly large amount of water.
  14. For sure, I'm realistic. I know my skin will never be perfect. The thing is, I still feel like an acne sufferer as opposed to someone getting a couple of pimples. Currently, I'd say I have more than "an isolated pimple from time to time." I'm still at that stage where it's noticable but not terrible, but enough to make me look bad at times. It will fluctuate around this stage from time to time. As far as using more BP is concerned - I'm a little cautious. Is there a limit? Because current
  15. I've been a CSR user for al ong time. (> 6 months.) Throughout this time, I've followed it pretty much to a tee. I've missed probably 2-3 applications in my whole time. Now, I don't know why, but I've never really got to the stage where I'm 100% clear. I presume the regimen is working (to the extent that if I were to stop, my acne would be worse) however I can't be 100% sure. What annoys me is that I am close, but not close enough. I still get the odd small pimple here and there - something
  16. Wow.. can't believe someone as pretty as you would have low self-esteem. Seriously. You have nothing to worry about in terms of appearance. I'm not saying this just to make you feel better, I'm saying it because it's actually true.
  17. This is interesting, and if true, using a BHA before applying BP might help, b/c the BHA can penetrate deeper into the pore. I'm tempted to agree with this. I think the key here is to ensure the BP is massaged into the skin THOROUGHLY. I've noticed it makes a difference if I use 2 hands, and gently rub it in for a long time.
  18. Imagine you are trying to massage the gel into all your pores, as deep as possible, so that oxygen can be produced within them.
  19. In response to your points: - Dryness and flakiness are initial annoyances you must put up with and can be reduced greatly by starting with a low amount and working up. Moisturising well means flakiness is a lot less noticable. - Again, redness should only occur initially, and if you're applying too much, too soon. - Clogged pores? Not sure why... - Bleaching of eyebrows can be a bit annoying yes, but if you're careful when applying it shouldn't be an issue. - Again, don't get it
  20. it's horrible. incredibly irritating, dan's bp is 50 times better.
  21. Have you tried every antibiotic? All the tetracyclines? Erythromycin? Zineyrt? Etc. ? I really think you should try to get your skin to experience to "skin hardening effects of benzoyl peroxide." I have sensitive skin too, but after slowly buidling up from a small amount I can manage it. If you havent tried Dan's CSR Gel I strongly recommend it - it's so mild for a BP product. Seriously BP is the way forward, start it slow and you'll be able to handle it eventually! Do not give up.
  22. I think it's a slight overreaction on behalf of the OP. I mean realistically, what would actually happen as a result of there being no strong seal?
  23. Thank you guys, your replies are very encouraging. I will of course stick to the regimen and see how it goes.