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  1. Have you visited the Nutrition & Holistic Health forum? I highly encourage it. Coming from an Asian background, I've been taught that Western medicine is very extreme; it may fix one problem but will almost always cause another problem. Scientists often claim that certain products are safe now and won't cause any problems, but what about the long term effects? I've just witnessed a commercial indicating another lawsuit against Accutane (you can yahoo it). There's a good amount of positiv
  2. I've heard forehead acne is hormonal; then again everyone's got an opinion and unfortunately there's little science out there to back things like this up. Best advice I can offer is to cut down to a whole-foods based diet; avoid processed foods (I would add exceptions here though; for instance, traditionally made gluten-free sausages, unpasteurized lacto-fermented vegetables, traditional sourdough bread, etc.) and if at all possible prepare your food/meals yourself as much as possible using q
  3. what is spironolactone? how come on an empty stomach? generally vitamins are taken with food so that they are digested and absorbed better
  4. u will likely break out on day 4 after eating something. it takes the body 4 days to cycle something you put it sounds like me. i bought a croissant that apparently was chocolate filled. i didn't want to eat it, but i didn't want to trash it either. so i ate it. 4 days later i had a big pimple on my left cheek (i am essentially clear also) it varies from person to person. i cannot drink milk, eat ice cream, or eat chocolate. but i do eat cheese with no limits. it may cause a few
  5. seems to me you're beginning to sound desperate you just started a new regimen, don't be so hasty to cancel or continue. if you were to quit at a regimen due to no instant results, there'd be no end to regimens! don't take it as a miracle drug that will erase all your problems. including the b5, you should be eating healthy, avoid foods that cause you to personally breakout (not foods that make other people break out, YOU and only you), exercising, sleeping right, have good hygiene, wash your
  6. where the heck are you shopping? are the sale prices too expensive for you even?
  7. whey means milk derived. milk is hell for my face. I'll note that I am also asian, a large % of asians are lactose intolerant. I stay away from that and chocolate... everyone's different
  8. you should relax i'm being serious here. over stressing and freaking out is gonna do what for you? it's easier said than done, but you just gotta chin up and stick your chest out
  9. you seem to be growing very impatient. that's not good. impatient people on these forums who are jumping from one product to another always seem to have more difficulty with this matter. it's easier said than done, but you should try and accept acne and it's benefits too, or be a little more optimistic. it may just be genetics, you might jsut outgrow it like me. no one else will offer the advice of patience, so i thought i should
  10. i used vitamin world because they offer really great free-membership discounts thats the brand i used and it was very effective, online shopping is also available
  11. Sweet potatoes are a good option. It meats pretty much all diet criteria, yet still tastes like a sweet carb food that so many of us want for breakfast: Low GI, hypo-allergenic, etc. Boil or steam and mash with some cinnamon. I also have butter, but you can leave that out. pop some sweet potatoes in the microwave. just take a knife and make lots of slits into the potato for proper heating and ventilation. slab on some butter if you'd like. Salmon, olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper
  12. what she said soy milk made me break out worst than milk. gave me huge, purple cysts. so I stay away from both that's just me personally im just waiting for that someone to come here and argue that "milk, and food in general does not cause acne"
  13. I don't mean to defend proactive but, they are making claims based on scientific evidence, and only scientific evidence. So they aren't lying, they're just not giving us suggestions from different perspectives. But of course we all know better right? of course they would want us to not care about what we eat. It protects both the junk food industry and the bogus acne product industry.
  14. I've been on this forum since August 2005, learned a lot of stuff, taught a lot of stuff from public posts to private messages, and now I'm pretty much inactive because i either outgrew my acne, started eating healthier, cut dairy out, ceased the use of heavy chemicals One thing people still do not understand is that regimens, products, foods, and abstinence of certain food or products VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON. It's annoying to see some person stick their face into one thread and begin pre
  15. there are a number of factors that could have contributed to your varying results diet, regimens, age, stress, sleeping habits, overall lifestyle maybe you should have reduced ur glycolic application to every other night or less dosage if it was causing irritation. Regimens can take longer than a month to give you the results you need. i just realized you're pretty damn new huh? (dec 22, 2008) yeah you should keep on researching stuff like diet, age, hormones, and all that other stuff. b
  16. b5 regimen was really great for me at some point i realized i did not want to continue popping pills for the rest of my life and i'd have to stop this sooner or later. i slowly phased it out, cut it out of my daily routine, had some breakouts here and there. but it left me with clear, flat skin. definitely worth it. varies from person to person, just like anything else
  17. getting rid of milk and heavy dairy from my diet cleared 80% of my acne the rest was good eating habits and exercise
  18. i slowly phased outta b5. i didnt want to be dependent on it. now im good. stopping abruptly may not be so good
  19. look for 100% juice avoid juice cocktails, theyre chock full of sugar
  20. Raging war? What? It's pretty unanimous on here that dairy causes acne for some/most people. oh really? last time i was active here (few months ago) there were too many people adamant on the idea that milk does not cause acne, like annoying adamant well im glad it's unanimous now
  21. puberty doesn't end till somewhere mid- or late- 20s. the dairy in frapps kill me. you should check the nutrition facts on most the drinks there...all the sugar, calories, and overkill on caffeine isn't so healthy in general, acne or not. are you Continuing to break out? or have you broken out and it has remained there. you should give us a better time frame of how you're changing your habits. also what is your diet like outside of starbucks?
  22. don't be so impatient...i may be wrong but i hope you haven't been jumping around, trying to new things constantly and consecutively, and been making hasty conclusions if you try something new, be patient and give it a long chance again, i'm probably wrong take care just keep on investing on what is that factor that causes you acne. SOMETHINg is happening internally that's causing it. the thing about western ways of medcine is that they are so "extreme" like popping pills for a headache wh
  23. read my sig, that's something i could say i've taken hair, skin, and the nails thing. try it and see if it causes any improvements eat more vegetables and fruits. seriously, you probably have heard it from everyone, but it's genuinely a great advice. everyone is severely lacking fruits and veggies these days. don't be like a stereotypical westerner (fat, spoiled and bratty) omega 3 fish oil is great i say it a lot, but read this if you don't already www.menshealth.com, tons of useful stu
  24. there's a raging war going on here about people who say milk causes acne and milk doesn't. it varies case by case. I for one, am a really strong advocate for dairy-free. cutting out milk is the genuinely, literally the best thing I have done for acne. take care btw, i use almond milk as a substitute now. it tastes great and i can enjoy cereal now. (soy milk makes me break out as well, rice milk is so thin and high in sugar)
  25. vitamin b5 was great for me. it made my skin smooth like a baby, but it did not get rid of red marks. Just like you, i didn't want to rely on these pills for the rest of my life. So after a few months, i slowly lowered my dosages and eventually completely stopped. Occasionally i broke out with huge pustules (they were from eating chocolate or dairy or something), and sometimes i took those b5 again as desperate measure. Now I'm completely b5 free, with no breakouts unless I eat really unhea