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  1. FAST REPLY I've been taking: 1 Multivitamin tablet 2 Vitamin C 1000mg 2 Vitamin E 400IU 1 Zinc 50mg 1 Antioxidant tablet (contains additional vit c, vit a, vic e) for about SIX months now...NO VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS I've also added 3 MSM 1000mg tablets in addition to this Some people think I'm overdosing on vitamins...well, to tell u the truth, right now I'm still on the "vitamin regimen" so that I can finish the bottles and quit (to not finish the bottles = waste of money, so...) However, th
  2. 15~17 : cheeks 18 : cheeks + forehead 19: chin area (below cheeks) mostly (borderline between face and lower chin) but NONE on my nose (my nose is 100% soft and clear...what the hell) I think the "generic traveling course" for acne is Forehead -> Cheek -> Lower Cheek/Chin -> clear?
  3. To those who have been using 2.5% BP for over 2 years, have you experienced any ongoing redness + mild bloating? I stopped using BP for 1.5 years now (before i had applied it everyday for 2 years), and I am "recovering" from the redness, but not from the bloating.. Just curious...Thanx
  4. I'm not 100% sure if it was BP (but 99% sure cuz bp was the only thing i used at that time) but it DID MAKE MY SKIN RED AND BLOAT....it looks as if I have rosacea (or do I already? hmm) This is the reason why i stopped using BP (2yrs of 2.5% BP, but i've been off 1.5 years already). I hope that helps.
  5. You know, this Aloe Vera thing used to be "sensational" some months ago (April or May). But as more and more ppl tried it (including myself) it seemed to break people out, mostly whiteheads. Well, I'm sure it speeds up the healing process, but on the other hand it might clog pores and induce whiteheads (~milia). So try it out for about two weeks and then decide whether you like it or not. It is also quite "drying", unike a moisturizer. It feels tight after you apply it, and within a few hours,
  6. More MSM information (from http://davedraper.com/msm.html) MSM What is MSM? MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, is a naturally occurring nutrient. An organic sulfur, MSM is found in all living organisms. The cycle of these naturally occurring sulfur compounds begins in the ocean where plankton release sulfur compounds called dimethylsulfide (DMS) which escapes from the ocean water as a gas and rises into the upper atmosphere. In the presence of ozone and high energy ultraviolet light, the DMS is c
  7. Hi, there is this guy named Antony who recommends MSM tablets (in conjunction with other vitamins such as Vit C) for red marks. Well, I have been on MSM 3000mg/day (that's 3 x 1000mg tablets) and something interesting has happened. I notice a DRASTIC decrease in oil production. I usually apply toner & moisturizer (more like "oil controlling lotion", which does help control oil production a little bit), but after going on MSM for 3 days, my face has literally gone DRY! Even with moisturiz