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  1. Hey! I just got finished with my last cycle of accutane. The acne is gone but I still got a bunch of glogged pores and my skin seems uneven at some spots and small scars, besides being a bit red. What can I do to clear up my face completely? Use a soap with some mild salycid acid? Moisturizer? Please let me know, thx Nick
  2. Hey, I finished one cycle of accutane and I still have large pores, slightly oily skin, some blackheads here and there and spots on my shoulder/upper arms. I just hated all the side effects on accutane and am thinking about taking accutane twice a week (20mg). Do you think this will work, or is it too low? This should keep the side effects away, right? Thx for the advice Nick
  3. Hey! I was on Accutane for 5 month and got rid of my facial acne. Now I only have spots (kind of purple) on my upper arms/shoulder and a little bit of back. I really want to get rid of those, so I am considering going back on Accutane, I still have pills for 2 month left. Do you guys think it will work when I take 2 pills a week or every other day 1 or something like that on a low does (20mg) to get rid of those and not have any side effects? Please let me know what you think! Thx Nick
  4. Hey! I had moderate acne on my face and back and upper arms. Took Accutane for over 3 month now and my face looks pretty good, except for a couple of blackheads left here and there, but no more breakouts. On my back/shoulders/arms I don't get break-outs anymore, but still annoying red/purple spots are showing up all the time. I don't really trust my derm and think he just wants to keep me on Accutane for as long as possible in order to make money and have me come back every now and then, so I w
  5. I asked the same question a while ago and a couple of guys were about to head to their derm to find out if it is normal, but I never heard from them what he said...my appointment is by the end of this month. I had the same thing after 1 month,the oil came back for like 4 days and afterwards it cleared up again and my skin was nice again. I dunno where the oil comes from, but I guess it is normal, since it will get better in a couple of days and it seems as the accutane results differ from time t
  6. great to hear!! I love the beach, I don't know what to do without it haha! Been out today and didn't burn, I think my skin takes it pretty well so far, but maybe I need to be more careful in the following month, since I am only in my second month?
  7. I live in Florida and I miss the beach and being outside more! Can I go, even though I am on accutane? I usually use a 30SPF??
  8. Hey! I really am afraid I am losing my hair, at least I think at some parts it has gotten much thinner ( What would you suggest taking? And if some of my hair really falls out, will it start to grow back after my cycle of accutane ends? Btw, I am into the middle of my second month on 20mg/day! What would you suggest and what is your experience? Thanks for suggestions, Nick
  9. Will be interesting to hear what you'll find out! I didn't change anything, I usually use Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer 15 SPF during the day and at nights and use the same cleanser. I dunno, I live in Florida and the weather kind of shifted a bit a week ago from 4 colder days to very warm the last days, but not sure if this has anything to do with it!
  10. I think it's just weird that my face has been pretty try the last weeks and all of a sudden is shining again. Is it possible that Accutane stopped working? Or should I quit using moisturizer??
  11. I don't know - it's just that when I wipe my finger over my forehead my finger gets slightly shiny, so I think there's a layer over my skin. Dunno if it's actually oil or something else, I just wonder why this happens all of a sudden when the last 4 weeks my skin has been dry and not shiny at all. Have noticed the shiny ear thing though
  12. Hey! I am one month into taking accutane (20mg/day) and at first my skin got very flaky and dry and my lips started to peel. I then started to use Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer and Cleanser and it worked very well for a while. My face started to look better with the drier skin, because before it was oily and therefore looked dirty. Now 2 weeks later, since yesterday I notice that my skin looks shiny again, for whatever reason. Not flaky at all anymore - after applying moisturizer it looks li
  13. Hi, I started a 20mg/day accutane cycle and I would like to know what washing/moisturizing routine I should follow. Also what Lipstick is a good choice. There is no way I can acutally avoid sun at all, because I live in Florida and I love surfing, hanging out at the beach and playing outdoor sports, what do I neet to do besides applying sunscreen? thanks for your help, Nick
  14. Hi, I'm going to start my first week of Accutane by the end of this week. What do I need to consider with all those side effects? I am used to having combination skin, I reckon I need to change my moisturizer, since my skin is going to be dry, right? Which one can you suggest and should I stick to the Neutrogena Cleanser (the orange one, don't know the name right now)? What about the lips and stuff?? Would be nice if you coud help me out. When do you see results? thx bye Nick btw, I live in
  15. Hi, I had a look at some threads but couldn't really find a solution. I have this problem on my arms and a bit on the shoulders, too. Some brownish marks from acne. I think they have been red in the beginning and then faded to a brown color and it is just embarrassing! It looks so weird when I wear a t-shirt, but what can I do? I live in Florida and you can't always run around with a long sleeve all year round ( Please help me out! Thanks so much