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  1. Im using cetaphil with no spf and it makes my skin shiney.. Does anybody know if complex 15 makes your skin shiney?
  2. What moisturizer and cleanser do you guys use with this stuff .. because currently my skin is a red and shiney and broken out going on 21 days.
  3. I know green tea is good for your skin but people have been saying lately that white tea is green tea just better so what tea is better for you to drink for your skin ? and i dont even know what red tea is...
  4. Ok from moisturizers ive tried : aveeno ultra calming spf 15, cetaphil spf 15, cetaphil (no spf) they all make me shiney after a while.. and i can blot with tissues and it comes back again and again. I was wondering what can i do about this, what moisturizer i can try that wont make my face shiney.. im thinking of complex 15 ?
  5. Hey i just started using this stuff 8/30 i have .05% gel how much should i use for my whole face? pea size? and im wondering how long should this tube last? 2 months?
  6. well .. what do u do about ur skin gettin flakey in some areas
  7. well our soaps are like 4 oz and they last me about 1 month each so id think this would last atleast 3 months right? sound too crazy? how many pumps do u use when u cleanse?
  8. how many oz. and about how long shuld it last?
  9. howcome nobody has came out with anything like eucerin renewal. howcome not 1 corporation can come out with a moisturizer with a gentle aha and sunscreen? and no do not say neutrogena hsfl.. that is definatly not gentle.. anybody know why other brands havnt tried making anything like eucerin? a specific reason?
  10. i just read somewere on here u do not need to moisturize at night.. so i only use this stuff once a day, in the morning not at night
  11. i use about 1 full pump for my whole face and it works perfectly for me! i cant imagine using any more than that! but i would probobly like dans moisturizer alot better once its out.. i do need something for my remaining reddish purple marks on my face.. aveeno isnt like eucerin: it doesnt have any sort of AHA or speed up the process of healing.. i tried putting a dab of my old neutrogena hsfl on a couple spots and it broke me out in the same spots were i put it.. ah what to do.. what to doo.. i