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  1. What exactly is a cyst, is it just a big red pimple or whitehead after it's been drained?
  2. I recently had quite a weird thing happen to me. I was reading on this site again I've been on the regimen for about 5 maybe 6 weeks( off and on). I went to go to the what to expect section and read about how Dan says irritation greatly affects your acne. I dismissed this and said "no way". That was about the end of July. During the summer months I wore sun glasses and sure enough the following weak where the sun glasses rested upon my nose, in that exact spot a big whitehead stared back at me.
  3. I thought that was a myth that food/drink affected your acne..
  4. Is Accutane worth the horrible side effects I keep hearing about because I'm gonna try Dan's regiment until January 1st and I don't get clear I'm prolly going for that. So what are the side effects and do you think it's worth it?
  5. I was off Dan's regiment most of the summer cause when I don't go out I usually don't take a shower so I didn't soap up and forgot the bp so my acne when through it's usual cycles but now that school has started I'm gonna be a lot more stricter.
  6. Yah I control when I see girls cause I go to an all boys school cause my public school is really crappy. So when there is a dance or something I try to get my best.
  7. It's pretty weird most people who don't have acne don't make fun of me but people who do have it tend to make fun of me (self-esteem issues) but you would think that since their going through the same thing you are they would know how it feels when someone is so cruel to you in public. Well at least you can throw it right back in their face.
  8. I woudn't take 2-3 pills of echinacea(sp?) a day, [-X I would take one, more than one will suppress your immune system. Which will probably worsen your acne and leave you more vulnerable to colds and everything else floating out there. [-(
  9. of course you know, that food does not affect your acne...
  10. I would try Dan's Reginment On the main part of the website its working very well for me [-X
  11. Keep Fighting the Good Fight Doggy, I wish you the best of luck, Stay Strong! =D>