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  1. Or for that matter, at what stage of the cyst is it too late? right now I think I have one that is going down or done, because it came to a head already, it burst, and now its dry and scabbing. maybe its too late. any thoughts, super appreciated. i feel like no one really knows the answer to these questions. (all I read on the internet is, "Just get in there asap!" or something like that).
  2. I never see any discussions about when it is TOO LATE to get a cortisone injection. Here is my story and question: I got a cyst/lesion by my nose/lip area about 2 weeks ago. It was unusual. After about a week, it started to go away (i kind of popped it), but then, it came back more furious than ever. The pressure build up so was intense that I had no choice but to pop it (it came to a head). A massive amount of clear liquid came amount, more than usual in cysts that I've had in the past.
  3. Rosegirl, can you post Lilian's email or phone # for others to contact her? Or PM it to me? Thanks...
  4. Rich, sorry I didnt get back earlier. The consult was fine, I just had to be straightforward with him that I knew what I was talking about, and then he took me more seriously rather than just push lasers. Subcision can be dangerous since you can make a scar worse, so make sure you ask about this. Also, he is going to talk about his other lasers other than Fraxel. It might be worth getting insight about this since he atcually thinks fraxel is worse than the other lasesr for acne repair (he
  5. I didnt get subcision from him yet. But i expect the charge in the neighborhood of $500. For your laser of $500, it actually does seem reasonable and either cheaper or on par with Fraxel.
  6. that's funny. what date did you see him? Yes, he pushes the lasers. He told me the same thing. I had a consultation with him but will see him for subcision. I was insistent on subcision before anything else though. The CO2 non-ablative one he suggested seemed intriguing... he said basically its CO2 that is fractional. I think of all the lasers, Fraxel is the least expensive. The $500+ you are being charged, is that full face?
  7. No, never heard of them, but a free consultation is always a good thing. I just saw Dr. Weiss and it cost a lot for the consult. My impressions overall were positive. Not sure consult was worth it, but whatever. If you want to go all the way up to northern suburb of Baltimore, Weiss is an option. Otherwise, let us know how these other ones go with Dr Price.
  8. No way to know if they will fade or lessen, but you're very pretty, so who cares.
  9. Why does Schideler no longer do excisions? does he only do laser stuff now?
  10. Can people share with everyone the doctors that they went to (or have heard of) that perform either SUBCISSION, EXCISSION, or other PUNCH techniques? Since we are in the age of lasers, it is SO hard to find doctors that perform these procedures, even though they tend to be much more useful for those with serious scarring. I personally have found that doctors that perform these procedures (or used to) no longer even offer them because of lasers like Fraxel, because Fraxel's profit margins are
  11. Well, if that's the case, then okay. One thing I suggest to maybe save 3 months of time is to do one scar at one end, and another scar at another end. If you have enough room, that culd be one way to do two at a time (until you run out of room) G
  12. Why do you have to wait 3 months? why not excise all at once? I have some ice picks close together too. Im seeing a doc next week, will see. Those are the hardest to treat, of course, but treatable.
  13. i barely see anything, and i doubt its serious enough. one way to get rid of the scar is to stop being vain about it
  14. I once had a cyst about 1/2 to 3/4th the size of that. It was on my forehead. During high school. My parents still made me go to school. It was one hell of a character building exercise! Unfortunately, i didnt know you could get cysts injected then. frustrating how "if i only knew then what I knew now..."