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  1. theo-ouzo, my 1st two SBs the doc zapped the whole face, the 2nd two SBs he only zapped scars. I don't know why exactly. It was like a couple of hundreds of zaps vs. maybe 70 or so.
  2. From Chicago: I plan to have 6 SBs. Most of my scarring is the shallow, rolling type, but I have a few deeper ones. I asked him about the chances of them improving with this course of SB and he said they could use up to 10 treatments, but I don't want to pay for that. It'd only involve a couple of scars, but he'd probably charge the full price. My last needling was in October. I have thought about having the deeper scars I mention above needled again before my last SB, but I'm not sure yet
  3. I had my 4th SB yesterday with the setting at 16. So I've had settings 14, 14, 15, & 16 so far. I think I didn't apply the ElaMax5 as well as before (maybe because I was doing it at red lights..tsk tsk) and I had it on for about an hour and a half before getting started, so it did hurt this time a little more than my other SBs. I don't know if that was due to the higher setting or the reduced numbing, but it was still pretty tolerable. The doctor said that after the 4th treatment is when I s
  4. Adrian, I'm probably the one you're thinking of who mentioned this dr. On 12/23/03 I had my 3rd SB and it did cost $350 - I just checked my credit card bill to get the exact price. And I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to have the 6th one free. I'm scheduled to go for my 4th tomorrow - I'll check at the front desk and if he's going to charge me more, I'm walking out. Maybe I got in at a good time before he raised the price and/or before the special package offer was over. Or maybe that quote you rec
  5. I had my 3rd SB treatment yesterday, 6 weeks after my 2nd one. This time, the dr. wanted to try out his new SB machine that can be set at levels higher than 14. Level 14 is what my 1st and 2nd SB treatments were set at. My dr. said because of my high pain threshold and no bad reactions to Level 14, I was the first one he wanted to try out at a higher level setting if that was okay with me. He and his staff seemed excited about it - like...oh boy, we've found someone to test on. My dr. called up
  6. It definitely saw that it was a Candela brand machine, but I don't think it was Smoothbeam. I think it might have been V-beam, which would help her hyperpigmentation more than Smoothbeam. They didn't actually identify the laser by name, I don't think, but I recall getting a quick look of a label that started with a V on a machine, but it might have been one in the background and not necessary the one being used on her. I didn't notice how many treatments she had and what the period of time w
  7. Hi everyone. I had my 2nd Smoothbeam this morning - 9 weeks after my first one, with a needling session in between. I taped the night before to remove dead skin. I was a little worried about numbing myself well enough. But it went fine. He used setting 14 again, since I did so well on that setting last time. I could definitely tell where I missed numbing cream though, like near my hairline. Ouched a little more, but tolerable. I was red for the 1st hour and a half afterwards, then it faded out
  8. Obi, Did you have these red circles after your 1st Smoothbeam? My 1st SB was on a 14 and I didn't have prolonged redness (maybe 1 day). I'm hoping that my skin's reaction to the same setting at my 2nd SB will be consistent with my 1st SB experience. So your swelling went down after about 2 days? I was able to change my SB appmt from next Tuesday to Friday (11/14) so that I could hopefully have a smoother complexion (from the swelling) when I meet my boyfriend's kids on the weekend. But I do
  9. StephfromNJ, could you recommend a brand or two that you've had success with. I'm meeting my boyfriend's kids for the first time in a couple of weeks and I want that initial first impression to be improved. I don't care if it only lasts a couple of hours. But I think I'd want to put makeup over it. Is it really impossible?
  10. Thanks, fromchicago! I'll look around the board for products that temporarily tighten, if there's such a thing. I'm also going to the place that did my last needling to get a mineral makeup that is supposed to be better for skin than regular makeup, and hopefully provide better coverage than what I've been using. I'll get them to find the right shade for me and show me how to apply it. And I'll try giving the SB dr. office a call tomorrow, but if they don't have anything Thurs or Fri, I'm keepin
  11. I'm scheduled to get my 2nd Smoothbeam on 11/11. I need to have swelling on 11/15 or 11/16 (Sat/Sun). I'm thinking of rescheduling (again)my SB to Friday to make sure I still have swelling for the weekend...here's why... My boyfriend, who is a single dad with custody, just now called me and said he told his two boys about me (finally). And he wants for us all to go to a Renaissance Festival (outdoors in daylight-yikes) on that weekend. That'll be my first time to come face to face with them a
  12. What are you doing to your rolling scars? Anything? Like any topicals or procedures? I'm trying to imagine what you're describing...is it like the rolling scars are filling in except for some areas, which then makes those areas look like pitting compared to the raised areas of the rolling scars?
  13. In that link that Ylem posted, it's talking about the 1320 nm Nd: YAG laser. That's the other laser my Smoothbeam doctor did after he did my Smoothbeam session. I had never heard of it before. He said it works at a different wavelength than the Smoothbeam, so the two together would give better results. It was an extra $150. I was originally scheduled to get my 2nd SB tomorrow, but I moved it out until something like November 11. That'll be 2 months and a few days since my 1st one. I had needl
  14. In about 5 days the scabs start to flake off on their own. It's kind of pink after that for another couple of days. Then it starts looking okay, except for some mild hyperpigmentation in some areas. I think I'll call up the SB dr. and try to talk to him directly about postponing my next session. Waiting until 11/7 would give me 2 months after my 1st SB and 1 month after my needling. That sounds better, but actually it's only 9 days after my current appointment. Or maybe I'll wait even longe