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  1. Hello, I've seen Derms in the past and have had laser spot removal done but I am now looking for a new Dr. Could anyone recommend a derm/aesthetician/etc in Manhattan/Brooklyn for spot removal/peels/microdermabrasion? thanx michael
  2. Looking to get a peel to help w/ my overall complexion. Can anyone recommend a Derm or spa/etc. to get a peel? Thanx
  3. Should I buy one off Ebay or does anyone have a site they bought one from? I'm looking to do my first peel and start and 30% to help w/ my overall complexion and a few light red marks. Thanx michael
  4. the one from skinwizard. i bought mine last march and will finally try it soon as i can get the instructions that i lost. heh. i would appreciate it if anyone could help. many thanx, michael
  5. Can anyone recommend a good derm in Manhattan/Brooklyn who does laser spot removal? I had it done 6 years ago w/ great success, but the derm is no longer around. Thanx Michael