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  1. "I'm the best thing since corn flakes" - Keak Da Sneak
  2. Tony Traffic


    This Is Me 8-29-05
  3. I hate myself sorry guys i'm feelin down and out and drunk lol i suck
  4. hope my drinkin doesnt fuck wit the Tane.......after tommorow i'm chill da fuck out Aiiiiiiiight
  5. i aint drinking today fuck it...i need rest my brain feels like its injured but whatever....it was worth it YAY..I had "FUN" hahahaha...but ya side effects still suck but i can live with it only 2 more months and thats it..........
  6. i drink all the time shits coo but i'ma slow down after the holidays
  7. Wuz Up Street how ya doing man?....me and Jazzy are as real as it gets...80 mgs coo thats what i'm on too...i dont know about the cold i live in Cali and its always sunny...i get really dry when i drink...I'm gonna do 4 months on Claravis and did a month and a half on Isotane so its 5 and half months
  8. i wonder if its all in my head...i dont know maybe i should be more active and go out and do stuff..like dance, sing, swim, or trip on drugs i dont know ....i'm a lil depressed right now maybe i should drink a lil..later yall
  9. I've been feeling down and out lately..i think its the Tane i dont know...feeling sad and worthless...This Tane Trip is difficult right now