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  1. try to get the company or whatever to mark the value of the item lower and as a gift also i've ordered plenty of stuff and noticed fedex and ups you will get raped with customs try to go with usps if you can, it's not as much as fed ex or ups.
  2. mines medium, i refuse to cut it cause i have a big head lol, my head looks even bigger with it short i think, it's all wavy and shit too i like it!
  3. Ive been using retin a off and on for 4 years, I think it's helped a bit in scarring but not much.
  4. 20 turning 21 in december =\
  5. i'm almost 21 and still getting it ever since i was 12. been on accutane 3 times, gotten 12 chemical peels, several creams and shit. i just stopped putting shit on my face, anyone else do the same? oh and how is everybody tonight =\?
  6. I am turning 19 soon yet I’m still high school, I go to an alternative high school now. I feel somewhat like a loser. Everybody I know is now in college or doing something else constructive. I stopped going in grade 10 due to teasing (constantly was teased from grade 7 to 10 from my acne) was kind of severe (cystic type acne) I have taken accutane three times. All I get is whiteheads that come and go now, I have some scars from back when I had it severe, and the scars make me sad at times