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  1. well, time to stock up on Dan's BP which i like a lot. though i've gone through quite a few bottles of cetaphil gentle cleanser, how is Dan's cleanser comparing to it? i've done a search but couldnt find such info/thread.
  2. From my understanding, BHA will solve blackhead problems? Please correct me if i am wrong. I've been to cosmeticscop to look for paula's choice, but i want to see if you guys have another place in Canada i can get BHA from.
  3. rest of my face taken 35 days, 1 bottle of lvl6 later: Q: What should i do? 1. Discontinue green cream (Green cream is suppose to treat these red marks and scars right????) 2. Keep using lvl 6 3. Move onto lvl 9 Q2: Which retailer carries lvl 9 and will ship to Toronto Canada? thanks
  4. taken today. not sure if there is any differnece.
  5. not sure if there is any difference but these were takent oday.
  6. we'll see for sure after another week. (there is quite a difference in the pics now, but it's hard to tell if its GC doing the work. the reason why my face was so much worst "before GC" is because i was breaking out with new pimples due to some other reasons. so basically, Dan's regimen kicked in and stopped my breakouts, and i used GC in the night to do whatever it's suppose to do) the difference you guys are not able to see is how smooth my face has gotten. the red marks are still there, but
  7. i just got green cream today and i was wondering if i should use GP gel after or bfeore i apply my green cream at night.
  8. thx guys for the replies. if these are whiteheads that are to become pimples, they havent changed for at least a year (latest time i can remember having these). they are just chilling there. edit: after some looking around, i think those "little whiteheads that never go away" are Milia. edit2: it might not be milia.
  9. you are rejecting yourself from a relationship if you dont even try. your choice really.
  10. ive been on CSR for like a 8 months and i cant really remember if i've gotten more of these tiny pimples, but definitly not less.
  11. just started ACV last night. does ACV help with blackheads? or should i still get green cream.