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  1. Don't usually stroll about these boards, but I'd thought I'd chime in on this subject. I recently started using a moisturizer I picked up at a hotel (of all places) that's called Aloe Up. It's a light, fairly thin moisturizer that has aloe vera gel as the primary ingredient as well as aloe oil extract and coconut oil (vitamin E). I've also recently come to a point in my accutane treatment (40mg/day) where no new acne is forming, and hyper-pigmentation is a pretty big deal, as well as somewhat r
  2. I've been on BP a few months now and decided to take a run at staying off it this past week. It seems as if I've been getting a bit too much sun lately, and I now have a mild sunburn on and somewhat around my nose. The odd bit is that I've been experiencing a "rash" of small bumps, smaller and far less raised than acne, on and around my nose and they've been continuing up to my forehead. These small bumps are not off-colored, nor are they highly raised, but they're beginning to become vastly num