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  1. i have VERY fine bumps on the side of my eyebrows..both side,they don't hurt or turn big,they just kind of sit there,how do i get rid of these bumps?
  2. i was wondering whats the difference between the tw oand which one works better because the both contain 2.5% bp. i tried the renewing lotion but it make smy face really oily. i haven't tried acne on the spot yet
  3. ok i was cleared for a bit from proactiv but now i'm getting breakouts again. can someone help me with my regimen heres what i do: -cleanse with cetephil skin cleaner -proactiv acne wash ( 2.5% bp ) -cetaphil's moiturizer i stopped with proactiv's tonner because it made my skin kind of dry,i'm nervous about its refinning lotion ( 2.5% bp ) because it makes me oily i tend to skip cetaphil moiturizer because it makes me oily aswell and every now and then i exfoliate with st.ives i ha
  4. i was using proactiv and for the first couple weeks it seemed to work but not i'm getting a few bad breakouts that really,really hurt,though they haven't totally surfaced it is very painful. how do you deal with an active breakout? can i incorperate any other methods with the proactiv solution to help..like maybe other name products?
  5. ok i've taken a shot at proactiv,been on it for like 2 weeks now..and i am seeing improvement..though there are some breakouts..but not as bad and big as before..my face is just about cleared. anyways now that my face is juss about cleared, i was wondering what kind of products is helpful in evening out my skin tone and maybe making my skin tone lighter..something that would give me that natural look..that'll make my face smooth..ok thanks!
  6. I need some suggestions on my regimen. I've bought a couple items and was wondering what order and amount should i use them in. -cetaphil cleanser -cetaphil moiturizer lotion ( not sure if its the same in Dan's regimen because this doesn't contain any spf ) -apricot scrub -clean & clear acne wash ( couldn't find on-the-spot acne cleaner ) i also am trying the vinegar method,i've diluted it with water and was wondering if it would be ok to mix it with ceaphil cleaners to apply it to
  7. I've bought Heinz Distilled White Vinegar ( ideal for good,5% acidity ) and was wondering if this would work for the vinegar method. Also would limes work as good as lemons?
  8. can you buy these vinegar in any supermarket? do you have to use diluted,is distilled ok? for the lemon methon,does lime work also?
  9. what are some good treatments to help with brown spots? any good working type of lotion/bottled product?
  10. I was wondering what are some products you guys would reccommend for my acne,they keep disappearing but then coming back at the same places. is neutrogena,clearisal,etc..any good? also what are some lotions/treatments that'll help your skin tone lighter?