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  1. As a vegetarian, I would starve eating like this, but I am very interested in seeing how this goes! Keep us posted!
  2. I have to say I agree after two great years. I think the gel is not working for me, though.... going back to Nutrogena. I am getting weird nodules with the gel.
  3. My skin has been doing great on the regimen for a couple of years, but now I have developed what seems like little granules under my skin that rupture out and leave red dots - zit looking things - after they work themselves to the surface and out. Normal treatment seems to be getting nowhere with this. It's mostly around the edges of my face, too, from my temples down to my jawline. Any ideas?? I am almost 40 and still have very oily skin, as an aside. Never had this before, though!
  4. Is the cleanser still happening?
  5. I am just very excited about this whole thing, Dan. I am living proof that your "system" works, and I buy your gel 3 at a time. I have been giving some away to teens I know... hoping they learn before suffering too long! Let us know how the makeup trials go!
  6. Dan, have you tested this cleanser with women who wear makeup? Does it really get the makeup off? That's my biggest problem with most "sensitive skin" type cleansers.... and I agree.... if the stuff works, give it to us in bulk! I'm not a fan of moisturizer, so I'll take the 2-pack!! Another quick comment - in your ordering screen, you can calculate your shipping/handling until after you fill out all of your info. Then, if you want to check to see what it would be with one item more or less, yo
  7. I have found that ALL popping, picking, and messing around only makes things worse. I am sure it's different for everyone, but I just tend to be extra gentle washing that area and PILE bp on it many times over the course of the day. Eventually, it's gone, and there's no scar, and it also never gets that bright red, "notice me" thing going that you get after you pop one!
  8. I think it's not obvious enough, about half the time. People are always writing - "what regimen?" - "How do I find the regimen?" They don't realize they are HERE! Guess I am old enough not to worry too much about whether people think I am on an acne board. Sometimes age is a good thing!
  9. Try using basic scotch tape to remove the flakes and see if that helps!
  10. Keep at it - it takes a while. And I vote with the other person who said to use more BP. I use 2 full fingers (or more) of Dan's gel, and FOUR of Nutrogenas. It works!!
  11. I've been on it for 2.5 years. Wouldn't EVER go off!!!
  12. I see a lot of "new" people asking about exfoliation. As someone who has been doing this for more than 2 years, let me recommend using scotch tape to remove surface flakes. I find it never causes me to break out, but it does get rud of pesky flaking skin. You can do a search out here for "tape method" and read all about it, but I just have not seen anything recently, so I thought I would bring it up again. Melanie
  13. I have used corn silk pressed power for a long time, and it does not seem to break me out... you don't want to keep applying it all day, though, as it gets to where it will rub off on clothes, etc. Use an oil blotter, instead!
  14. Thing is, you're going to be doing SOMETHING all your life, most likely. I have been fighting this mess since I was in 5th grade... so that makes it like 100 years now. Might as well do something that works!
  15. I dilute mine 5 to 1 - using straight ACV is gonna burn! I don't moisturize except around my eyes, because it always makes me break out, but that might help you.