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  1. My apologies! I use the skin balancing toner not the skin recovery
  2. If you're not having trouble with dryness or irritation then I don't see why a moisturizer would be needed. I would recommend you use an SPF every morning though. I use the CeraVe AM Facial Lotion with SPF 30, it is pretty inexpensive and can be found at any CVS/etc. Tretinoin makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight and sunburns can make acne worse.
  3. The toner you should use twice daily after cleansing. BHA I would start with once daily after cleansing and toning and see how your skin reacts, you can increase to twice daily (morning and night) as tolerated. Do not wash your face more than twice a day, doing this can lead to irritation/acne.
  4. I was in the same boat. Completely clear using tretinoin then started breaking out again. I added Benzoyl Peroxide back and it helped a lot, like way more than it ever did before tretinoin. I now use both on a regular basis and it keeps my breakouts to a minimum and when I do get them they go away over night.
  5. I don't know what specific products you've used but do know that the quality of the product matters. The pH needs to be right in a product containing salicylic acid or it won't be effective. Additionally anything in a cleanser won't do much because it gets rinsed off. I would suggest trying a BHA in a toner.
  6. Please, please, please. Do not take Accutane at your age. Your brain and body in general are still going through so many changes. Your acne may very well go away on its own in a few years.
  7. It is definitely the acetone, alcohol, and fragrance in that formula that caused your irritation. Acetone is used in nail polish remover, just think about what it does to your skin. You want to look for alcohol free, fragrance free, and irritant free toners. There aren't many on the market.
  8. Sounds like you aren't using Salicylic Acid, which is a stable anti-acne treatment. It works by going into your pores and cleaning them out and encouraging cell turnover (to make new skin cells). I would strongly suggest adding salicylic acid to your regimen. I recommend you check out Paula's Choice Clear line of products *mod edit- URL removed* They are the only products that have worked for me. I would add that, and stop the antibiotics. I am not a fan of using oral antibiotics for acne d
  9. I look for gentle face washes (I stay far away from physical exfoliants, the scrubs with a harsh texture). The complete list of products I use is in my signature but I'll take a moment to explain why I picked the products I use, besides the face washes because any gentle face wash will due. Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Toner, I picked this toner because it feels nice when I apply it and it has a fairly large amount of niacinamide, which has been shown to improve acne and help with post brea
  10. I would stay as far away from Accutane as you can, any dose. I took it and now on top of still getting breakouts I have a constant brain fog/trouble focusing. You can see below the excessive amounts of products I have to use to keep my skin *normal* after destroying it with Accutane
  11. I used the regimen, didn't work. Got Paula's Choice CLEAR line and my skin is the best its ever been. Paula's Choice is much better than the regimen if you're willing to pay the extra $$ for it.
  12. I have a beard but my most problem area is my forehead (I don't do anything to my beard area except wash and condition it). Keep in mind BP bleaches hair (and towels, shirts, pillows, ugh...) If you're trying to treat acne that is under a beard then it is best to keep it shaved off because it is hard to get creams beneath it and the excessive rubbing that is required will cause an extreme amount of irritation.
  13. I am a huge fan of Paula's Choice, a little more expensive than some drug store brands but well worth it in my opinion.
  14. I use BP and topical retinoids on my skin every day. I would suggest using BP only in the mornings and Differin only at nights. Wear sunscreen every day and use moisturizers to off set any irritation.
  15. If your skin can tolerate it, no. But I use a lot of "active" skin products so I find my skin responds best to 3 nights a week. I am basically 100% clear now though so this is for maintenance purposes