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  1. simply me

    LUGOLS IODINE has reduced my scars

    my improvement has been very real and its not due to swelling...I would suggest you guys try it once and twice (with the right attitude) before reaching any conclusions...it costs very little and no real down time, risks, ... I hope some of you find this useful...
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a very long time since last time I posted here... Just here to share what has greatly worked for me in reducing a number of my scars: LUGOLS IODINE. I spot treat affected areas or individual scars with the solution by reapplying it a few times (like painting) and then let nature do its magic...the treated area will form a crust/scab for a week and when the scab falls the area looks smoother/less scarred... if you are going to try this, start slow as you could possibly en
  3. simply me

    A cure for depressed scars on forehead

    Hey Could you please explain your routine/procedure? Thanks a lot for sharing
  4. simply me

    Can scars be treated?

    yes scar can be treated....but it takes a lot of time and dedication....best thing to do is to focus on the individual scar tissue and try to burn it off with an acid like TCA such as TCA cross or loosen it with a needle...and let the skin heal afterward..... a lot of people give up because scar improvement doesnt happen over night...one scarred pore may take many many applications of acid to level up to the skin (90-95%)
  5. simply me

    A new method to improve scars

    just an update! another scarred pore 100% improved. I couldnt believe my eyes. people this method works. Please try it on one small scar. peace
  6. simply me

    A new method to improve scars

    another scarred pore about 80% improved:D this is an interesting topic i found: http://healthyskin.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a...52/m/7290008225 dr. pickart says: "When a scab forms and falls off, this usually remove all of small scars or part of a larger scar." good luck everyone. choose your thoughts wisely.
  7. simply me

    has anyone heared of neprinol?

    I just bought my second bottle. I finished one bottle already but I finished in about 2 weeks!
  8. simply me

    has anyone heared of neprinol?

    the doc said it takes Neprinol at least 6 months for my scar tissue. I have been getting crazy improvement using my own technique found here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=180987
  9. simply me

    A new method to improve scars

    this method works. I would say I got 98% if not 100% improvement on one of my scarred pores after doing the procedure two times.
  10. wat type of scarring are u using the cop 2x for

    1. simply me

      A new method to improve scars

      have you tried not using the retinoids? did you have any improvement if you didnt use the retinoids? what inspired you to use this method? bruin
    2. simply me

      A new method to improve scars

      no i never had fraxel...
    3. simply me

      A new method to improve scars

      i am spot treating...
    4. simply me

      A new method to improve scars

      Hi guys I think I have found a new way to improve my scars and I wanted to share it with you. You need some sort of retinoids(I use what is called Retisol-a tretinoin cream 0.05%) and SUPER COP 2X. Ok, I spot treat every scar several times a day with the tretinoin cream until its irritated and then I apply a thick layer of SUPER COP 2X to the area. I leave the SUPER COP 2X and it usually feels like a burning sensation in the area. After about 12 hours(I usually apply the supper cop 2x b