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  1. try cerave lotion.
  2. be wary. rlw joined on the 5th of May just to make a post about this product? Secondly there is no information about this mysterious active ingredient? Not even on their own website. How does it work? Why does it work? Any clinical studies? No mention of anything like that at all. Third, the second and third ingredients on the list are SD Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol. Very harsh and drying to the skin.
  3. So you plan on staying on this the rest of your life?
  4. {DC}


    I did try this but I had the same dizziness and other problems so I had to stop. That sucks man. Did you find it still had the same sebum reducing effects when you mixed the ethanol/nobiletin solution into the cream compared to just putting the ethanol/nobiletin solution straight onto your face?
  5. {DC}


    Hey jsmithson, Did you ever try mixing that ethanol/nobiletin solution into a cream? Pure Ethanol sounds very drying and irritating to the skin.
  6. Interesting thread. I checked the ingredients for the regenerist line and Niacinamide is the staple ingredient. Niacinamide has been shown to help acne and sooth skin also to decrease TEWL(transepidermil water loss). It actually strengthens the skin barrier which BP breaks down and compromises. I have no doubt it is the Niacinamide that is responsible. To the OP of this thread, how does just using 2.5% BP twice per day work for you? You could also use the Olay Difinity Line too. It also con
  7. {DC}


    nice pick up dwight. I knew Sna fela didnt use much Nobiletin in their cream. If 2.4g from their supplier costs $98,000!!! LMAO...how much can sanfela possibly be using in their product? Hardly any at all. No wonder they are so sheepish about stating how much active nobiletin is in their product.
  8. Did you have comedones/blocked pores where your large pores are now? Also after you have had a shower or cleansed your face and its freash and free from oil do the pores still look large?
  9. they dont look that big considering the pic is a close up. At normal size I bet your pores look fine. If your skin is oily that usually causes pores to look bigger. Did you have acne there before? Is your entire face oily or just your T-Zone?
  10. you might want to try salicylic acid peels @ 20-25% strength. A series of them. Do your research. It will definitely help clean them out, but obviously it wont keep them clean without maintenance peels, or maybe retinoids would work better once the initial clog was removed/dissolved.
  11. Maybe you could just add some Magnesium Acorbyl Phosphate or Sodium Acorbyl Phosphate to your moisturizer at 5%. Add a little Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate as well. I have been reading the full article of the abstract you posted and it said, "An emerging candidate is the stable vitamin C precursor, sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP), an agent which has been shown to reduce sebum oxidation products by up to 40%. A preliminary open-label study involving 60 acne patients used 5% SAP (applied twice daily)
  12. {DC}


    Hey Prinz. Here's how to mix Nobiletin powder / crystals. Doing this you can control the amount of Nobiletin in the mixture. When I was using Nobiletin I did some mixing experiments. Nobiletin did not mix at all in water; it mixed in oil a little but not very well; it mixed really well in ethanol. I am able to buy an alcoholic drink in my country called Polmos Spirytus which is 95% ethanol (don't use methylated spirits as it is very dangerous). For the nobiletin to dissolve completely, I h
  13. good post willow. Have you read the Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Study on acne?