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  1. I believe PIH since I've had this redness for a long time and nothing I've done over the years has really changed it
  2. I have huge pores on my cheeks/nose and redness along those areas too. I used to be on the regimen which did reduce my acne but did nothing for the redness on my face. Right now I just use the C&C foaming cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer. It seems that lots of people have had success with chemical peels. Are they prescriptions only or can one get it over the counter?
  3. I haven't had the time to go see a dermotologist yet but I'm wondering, would Aloe Vera reduce the redness?
  4. I want a fairly simple solution to rosacea and have seen Mychelle capillary calming serum recommended. I searched it up and it turns out ALL the recommendations have been by the same person. Has anyone else tried it? Is it effective? All I know is that it's quite expensive. BTW, I have been using Daniel Kern cleanser to wash my face. It cleared up my zits and pimples but my rosacea has had no real change. Should I continue using it?
  5. Hi, I have this redness/darkness in my skin that is primarily concentrated on my forehead, area between eyes and the area under my eyes. I'm not sure if it's just mild acne, rosocea or a bad tan but in any case, it results in me looking like a I have pale skin "goggles". (hopefully you can tell in the pic, i'm kind of too shy to post a complete better picture of my face ) Now what would be a good solution to this? I'm a guy but I've been seriously thinking about using makeup to reduce the co
  6. hm... I'm not sure I want to apply laxative to my face... anyone else try this method?
  7. Alright, my skin isn't really that oily but it seems that all the oil on my face concentrates itself at the tip of my nose. What would be a good, quick solution to this? Preferably not having any makeup involved. I thought about using those moist facial towelettes but I'm not really sure (they do feel nice though). Btw, is it okay if I exfoliate during my shower and also use a facial wash in the morning? Or would that be too much?
  8. Thanks but any other advice for keeping your skin not-oily and unclogged? C'mon, there's hundreds of views but only 3 responses?
  9. Both. Although my acne is less visible and severe since I started the regimen
  10. I know you're not suppose to, but I am using my hands to squeeze them out. *waves head in shame*
  11. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of oily skin and keeping your pores clear? I've tried that "wiping your face with towels throughout the day" thing but my skin still gets oily and clogged by the end of the days (or overnight). I unclog my pores but they get clogged again in like 23 hours. Any recommendations?
  12. I have bags under my eyes (still) and have been looking for some over-the-counter medications to solve it. I'm not desperate enough (or bothered enough) to use wacky laser surgery or put pickle slices over my eyes at night or something. I recently saw an ad about something called L'Oreal Hydro-Active (I think it was called that) that supposedly could help reduce bags under you eyes (or atleast it looked like that's what it was suggesting). Any thoughts on this product?
  13. I got a surprisingly high 31. I have lots of hope for the future even though I'm a big social loser right now
  14. wow, er... umm thanks. I pretty much already know all those tips but it's always nice to hear people with the same problems you have. Btw, having faggots around like thatguy16 and Sickening around is nice since they make you feel superior mentally
  15. I'm currently in grade 11 of highschool right now (and Vandergraf is just some stupid name I made up). I've been on the regimen for a couple of months now and it's a lot better. Still lots of scarring, redness and stuff but after about 4 years with acne, I can mostly forget it and know that anyone who judges you on a little acne isn't worth your attention. I've been trying to become more sociable again and get friends now (I left my old friends behind since they've become shallow idiots) but I h
  16. Give money to to people like me Anyways, maybe buy a wife from some foreign country if you really want to.
  17. Hm... any progress updates or confirmatiosn of the effectiveness of the treatments mentioned?
  18. meh, I guess mine is one of those genetic, tired eyes things. I spend waaayy too much time on the computer so I'll try to cut down on that.
  19. I've had some slight bags under my eyes for a while before I started to use the regimen. When I started using the regimen, I noticed that they got somewhat puffier, and bigger. I started thinking to my self, "if I'm gonna getting rid of my acne, why not see if I can get rid of this too". Not 100% related to the regimen, but could anyone provide some good solutions to getting rid of the bags under my eyes??
  20. I stopped using a moisterizer for a bit since it made my skin really oily, but after 2 days my skin got really dry. I started using a moisterizer but my skin gets really oily again. Should I use a different moisterizer?
  21. I'm finally starting the regimen crap today but I have some questions. -Can I apply all the stuff on my blackheads and whiteheads or do I get rid of them and then apply? -Can I rush the application of the gel a little? When I start getting back to school, I won't have like 30 mins to wait and apply this stuff.
  22. You really remind me of myself. I used to be more "social" but then my acne started breaking out at age 11 and it's still here at age 15. Hope you have some good friends and family to help you with this.