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  1. mourn

    Good cleanser/bar for use with the regimen?

    I use Pears soap (found it in Sainsburys of all places!) and it's really good.
  2. I'll second that, though I'll still tell him about my own experiences. I've not been a big sufferer (compared to most) at the hands of acne but I know how frustrating it can be and how much I hate it when you get massive flare ups =/
  3. I e-mailed him after checking out www.titlerole.co.uk he is putting together a taster tape about skin conditions and how they affect people and wants to include acne and so is wanting to talk to people about their experiences. I'm not sure that means anyone is getting on TV but that they'd like to hear from people who have had to deal with it.
  4. If only this were www.bodybuilding.com, I'd rep the HELL out of you for this! Classic.
  5. mourn

    Me, Myself And I

  6. Ummm flagrantly talking about piracy on a public forum....not too clever ;]
  7. Well things have certainly changed since I last posted on this thread. I met her again on the 6th November and we had an amazing day together. Spent the day shopping and she played the piano for me in one of the university's music practice rooms. It was incredible, she played her favourite pieces of music for me and played a piece called "I'm Kissing You" by Des'ree and she knew it so well that she leant over and kissed me while she played it. It was like something out of a film and so incredibl
  8. *sniggers having gotten off scott free* =D
  9. mourn

    Pears Soap Info Please

    I've been using this for about a week now and it's really good. Before I was just washing with water only after shaving and was still getting spots showing up as regularly as I was when I wasn't using BP or the moisturiser. But then when I started using Pears it was the same but has gradually gotten better.
  10. mourn

    England 3 - 2 Argentina

    A blip. Seriously it was one game! We played so badly but we turned it around and we qualified in first. You can't fault that. Look at Brazil and Argentina. Both of them qualified comfortably but they still got beaten by lesser teams in qualifying (albeit after they'd qualified). I think there was almost a feeling of complacency about us vs NI; it's like the players didn't really believe we'd get beaten. A draw at worst.
  11. Yep, first thing I thought when I read this guy's post and reply to my original post was "Christ how fucking arrogant do you want to be? Grow the fuck up."
  12. I have been applying BP to the area under my chin but above my throat which is where I did tend to get quite a lot of spots. I'm still wondering why I should be getting a dry neck around my adam's apple when I've been moisturising properly and not really applying BP gel down as far as that. Perhaps just the cold or something?
  13. *sits down smuggly reading back what I said on the first page*
  14. Hey I've been doing my regimen for a week and a half but I'm suffering from a dry neck. I'm using an index finger of BP gel at night but no BP in the mornings for the moment until my skin is really used to it. I'm washing with Pears soap and using a Eucerin face moisturiser intended for dry skin (the one with 5% urea). The moisturiser doesn't seem to help my dry skin on my neck and it is becoming quite tight but is not flaking like my face did when I was first using BP gel. Any ideas or soluti
  15. mourn

    England 3 - 2 Argentina

    Nearly as satisfying as watching us destroy Germany 5-1 in their own country =D England are more than just alright; we have world class players and people coming through that can reach those same heights. Look at Rooney, Owen, Lampard, Beckham, Gerrard and Terry. All of them are world class, we have players like Joe Cole, Sean Wright-Phillips etc coming through now who are getting to be brilliant players too. This is a good time in English football, we finally have a team and a stream of player